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Climate Experts Call Blizzards of 2010 a Temporary-Cooling Effects of Global Warming that Endanger Species and Hasten Emergence of Maximum Hotness.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
February 10, 2010--

            Climate experts say Blizzards of 2w010 are temporary-cooling effects of Man-Made Global Warming that endanger species -- especially prized artic species -- and hasten emergence of "Maximum Hotness."  PoliticalXray.Com (i.e., PoliSat.Com) has exclusively obtained a video illustrating what climate experts are likely to perceive as dire consequences.  See video below, left.. 

            Not since the initial release of "Inconvenient Truth" have the community of experts on Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) (i.e., "Man-Made Global Warming") felt such a keen sense of danger.  They assert that the "Climate-Change Deniers" (i.e., "Global Warming Deniers") are putting too much "faith" in the "Blizzards of 2010" as proof that the "world-wide consensus of scientists is 'wrong' in claiming humans are causing Global Warming.  They say, "Just as it's always darkest before dawn, it's always coldest before the emergence of 'maximum hotness.'"  

            Yet the "Man-Made-Global-Warming Deniers" remain confident that any such "maximum hotness" will make the world a better place rather than having the apocalyptic effects predicted by the AGW "experts."  Which group is likely to be prove right?

            Some experts supporting the AGW "consensus" claim that their advocacy of "green" policies (coupled with the effects of the current recession in reducing energy consumption) has already begun countering the effects of AGW.  In particular, many such experts credit the inventiveness of Al Gore in contributing in a meaningful way to such beneficial effects, one of which is the ingenious "GAIA HAT," and the other is persuading GM to mass-produce the GoreMobile.  

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            Other experts applaud the recent accomplishment of movie director James Cameron in making the movie "AVATAR," which has already brought countless young minds into the fold of ardent supporters of Mother Earth.   Indeed, an increasingly popular video about AVATAR is "Neytiri Exposed," which shows how and why one of the two lead characters in the movie has absolutely captured the adulation of young males everywhere.

            Coming soon also are two more videos on the subject.  One, to reveal the "Genesis" of the realization by humans that Mother Earth is the source of all goodness and human activity (especially capitalist activity) poses the greatest threat to GAIA-- that video will be entitled "GAIA Genesis," which will reveal for the first time what happened in Mother Nature's "Garden of Eden" when male and female (in their natural states) first fell from Grace.  The other video will feature an ongoing service being rendered by Neytiri to "hear confessions" of wayward humans and to order penances for such transgressions and to "hear the needs" of elite supporters of AGW to be able to obtain carbon-credit indulgences to offset their oversized carbon footprints.  Stay tuned for more.

            Finally, Global Warming Experts are universally mocking what Sarah Palin wrote on her hand.  Pointing to her skepticism about the Man-Made Global Warming theory, they mock the fact that she wrote notes about the subject on the palm of her hand as a "crib note" for her recent speech before the TeaBaggers.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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