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Archives-- Installments for June 11, 2004 through June 20, 2004 starting below in reverse chronological order.


June 11, 2004  #01Political Satire/Commentary where satire is always commentary but commentary isn't always satire 
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Non-Satirical Retrospective on Ronald Reagan.

When Carter beat Ford for the Donkeys,
he echoed the liberal swamis:
"To end the Cold War
we'd have to deplore
'inordinate fear of the Commies.' "

Though praise he deserves for his deeds
with Begin-Sadat forging peace,
his heart caused his head
to trust 'stead of dread
the heart of the Soviet beast.

As President, Carter believed
the Soviet leaders to be
not tyranny's leaders
but socialist leaders
as decent and noble as he.

While trust he was nobly displaying
the Soviet action invading
Afghanistan proved
how little he knew
of how the Cold War they were waging.

Perceiving his noble naivety,
Iranians captured our embassy
and diplomats too
believing they knew
for war he'd be lacking sanguinity.

Perceiving the soft-hearted way
that Carter our country portrayed
with soft-headed views
for power unused,
the voters put Dutch in his place.

Iran, which rejected the barter
of decent intentions with Carter,
released ev'ry hostage
as Reagan took office
to show disrespect towards Carter.

But Reagan showed grace as a starter
by orders that specified Carter
not Reagan to be
the one to receive
the hostages held under Carter.

When Reagan said countering Commies
needs Air Force and Navy and Army
enlargements and needled
the Commies as "evil,"
it panicked the liberal swamis.

When Reagan said Communist mis'ry
was destined for dustbins of hist'ry,
opponents deplored
as "mongering war"
his speeches decrying such mis'ry.

When Reagan dispatched to Grenada
our troops against Castro's invaders
the swamis deplored
his use of the sword
on surrogate Soviet raiders.

When Reagan found ways for supporting
the Contras resisting the thwarting
of freedoms to vote
Ortega had cloaked,
twas Dutch whom the lib'rals were thwarting.

And later when Reagan's epistles
deployed into Europe our missiles
to motivate Russians
to START a discussion,
with hatred attacks on him bristled.

When Reagan refused to appease
proponents of nuclear freeze,
his critics portrayed
his goal a crusade
for new world-wide war he'd reprise.

When Reagan in Reykjavik said
"No thanks" to what Gorbachev pled
to limit defenses
to missile offenses,
they claimed he killed arms-control dead.

And then when he issued a call
to Gorbachev "Tear down this wall,"
instead of applause,
with mocking guffaws
they claimed to be "shocked and appalled."

But what gives his critics most fright?
That hist'ry has proven him right.
The East-Europeans
and Russian plebeians
awoke from their Communist night.

Discrediting freezeniks' entreaties
that nuclear freezing was needed
for limits to weave,
his buildup achieved
reductions in nukes via treaty.

The strength they perceived in the wall,
was later demolished by mauls
when Gorbachev said,
as Reagan had pled,
"Okay, you can tear down that wall."

Their pro-Sandinista emoting
that freedom provided for voting
would not help the Contras,
Chamorro proved contra
by ousting Ortega in voting.

Despite all those leaves that have turned,
the fact that they've yet to discern
the flaws of their views
by hist'ry has proved
how little from hist'ry they've learned.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

Daily Update immediately preceding the one above.


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