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NASA Scientist Says Aliens Will Destroy Humanity to Save Cosmos from Global Warming; GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report for Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
August 21, 2011--

            A NASA scientist says extra-terrestrial aliens are likely to destroy humanity to save Earth from Global Warming and save the Cosmos from humans spreading their nature-abusing carbon-footprints the carbon footprints across the Milky Way Galaxy.  According to the latest GAIA Minister Neytiri Naket Truth Report, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman (sometimes misspelled as "John Huntsman"), Al Gore and President Obama agree that this compelling and indisputable scientific evidence reinforces the urgent need for "tying down" the excesses of capitalism symbolized for so long by "Uncle Sam."

A spokesbeing for Al Gore said, "We must stop Uncle Sam's Travels spreading his capitalistic carbon footprints across Mother Earth by tying Uncle Sam down in the land of the Goriputians, into which large numbers of Na'vis have immigrated (legally, of course, by special diplomatic passes from the GAIA-Friendly Obama Administration).  Said Michelle Obama, "We are shovel-ready to bury Uncle Sam's global-warming habits."   Soon Jon Huntsman (sometimes misspelled as "John Huntsman") will join Mitt Romney at the GAIA Minister Neytiri Boot Camp for special training in targeting those Flat-Earther/Global-Warming Deniers.  

            To help the Progressive Movement to make Earth perfect before Americans dare to attempt to contaminate the Cosmos by resuming human exploration of space before humanity is able to make itself Progressively Perfect, President Obama stripped naked the NASA budget for human exploration of space.  According to the Global Warming division of NASA, it is hoped that this action will earn for us the respect of the Extraterrestrial Progressive Aliens (such as those from Pandora, who are already here as guests of the Global Warming Expert, James Cameron, and whom he featured in his blockbuster movie, AVATAR).


As a result of Obama's directives, one of NASA's most important missions is to repair the ClimateGate and restore the reputation of NASA as the home of the smartest scientists on The Planet.  Indeed, our new Astronauts revel in this new "Mission to Save GAIA."

Eagerly contributing to the effort to build public support for this "Mission to Save GAIA," Mitt Romney joined a Na'vi Boot Camp to learn how to effectively take aim at Global-Warming Deniers.  Recent statements by John Huntsman (sometimes misspelled as "John Huntsman") indicate that he too will soon enroll in the Na'vi Boot Camp, and, of course, given the stunning beauty of the "drill sergeant," who could blame them?

Even more progressively inspiring is the song Romney sings to profess his faith in AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming):




We can only hope that President Obama, Al Gore, Mitt Romney, and John Huntsman can persuade Americans to abandon their wicked ways of making GAIA too hot before the Progressive Extraterrestrial Aliens arrive and wipe us out.   There can be no doubt that Government Motors (GM) having committed itself wholeheartedly to producing the all-new, environmentally friendly "GM" is likely to convince any Progressive Extraterrestrial Invaders that humanity is worth saving:



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We should give Progressive thanks that Obama has saved us from the reckless spending on NASA by Nixon after John F. Kennedy merely set the modest goal of "landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth within the decade":


Vimeo Video


 Moon Landing Apollo 11 July, 1969  from PoliticalXray on Vimeo.


Soon, we will share humanity's pride in the next flag to be planted on the Moon to be the Chinese hammer & sickle.



--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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