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DonkRhino Surge in Iraq.·


Jan. 18, 2007--

Video of test-run of "Bi-Partisan Surge" (code-named "DonkRhino Surge") as alternative to Bush's surge in Iraq is leaked to PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief for internet broadcast.·

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"DonkRhino Surge in Iraq "

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            In a Surge of Bi-Partisanship on the question of how to respond to President Bush's plan to "surge" an additional 21,000 troops into Iraq, most Democrats and a few anti-surge Republicans joined forces to forge a specific Bi-Partisan Plan regarding any "surge" in Iraq.  Being wise, Bi-Partisan Thinkers, the group decided to test the plan before publicly announcing it.  Although they're still trying to work out some minor details and unexpected flaws and thus have not yet released it, PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief managed to obtain an exclusive copy of a video of the bi-partisan group's first test of its plan.  The video is entitled, "DonkRhino Surge in Iraq."  Copies of the video for a variety of size/connection-speed configurations are identified on this page for in-page viewing, and links for stand-alone viewing are in the lower portion of the left-hand column.

            Perhaps the most surprising thing about the initial test of the Bi-Partisan Plan is the manner and speed of its planned execution.  This is most vividly illustrated by the above-described video of the first test-run.  Ted Kennedy expressed major reservations about the plan on the ground that it's execution would not be fast enough.  On the other hand, Chuch Hagel expressed shock and surprise at the speed of execution of the plan as well as it's results.  Regarding the results, he said, "There must be something wrong with the test because I would have expected better results."   Another member of the Bi-Partisan Group, Dick Durbin, said, "We still need to get a few bugs out in order to get the result we're sure would follow from implementation of the plan, but at least the plan is the opposite of what Hitler would have done."  Echoing those sentiments, Kennedy said, "Hear, Hear" (or is it 'Here,Here' or 'Here, There' or 'There, There'?  Or maybe it's "amen"-- no, that can't be right either; maybe it's "omen" or "obama" or "osama.")   When Kennedy finished speaking, Sen. Olympia Snowe said, "Most people don't know I'm Dukakis in a Skirt."  When Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, said, "Excuse me, I've got to go the bathroom," Sen. Carl Levin said, "Every time I hear you expressing yourself on anything, it sounds like that's what you need to do."  Seeing Sen. Voinovich standing nearby wiping tears from his eyes, Levin said to him, "And and the same applies to you."  Voinovich replied, "I may be a crybaby, but at least I don't use such a fake-looking comb-over."  

            Trying to bring the group back to order, Hagel said, "Look, folks, we've got to quickly get the bugs out of this plan."  "Yeah," echoed John Kerry, because if we don't, Bush might 'win' in Iraq before he 'loses.'"  (scroll-down for more below)

            Somehow, Kennedy learned that PoliSat.Com had obtained the video from an anonymous source in the Senate Bi-Partisan Group, so he contacted PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief to demand that it not be released.  Said Kennedy, "Who do you think you are?  The New York Times?"

---Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

 Note:  The permanent link to this installment is http://PoliSat.Com/DonkRhino_Surge.htm.  If you're interested in obtaining a CD or DVD version or license for downloading, go here.

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  The permanent link for this installment is http://PoliSat.Com/DonkRhino_Surge.htm.


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