May 3, 2005--

Road Hogs in Edsels:  AARP-- Aging Americans Ravaging Posterity on the Retirement Highway; George W. Bush's proposals for private accounts to modernize Social Security.

            The AARP (Aging Americans Ravaging Posterity) is waging Shermanesque political warfare against George Bush's proposals to modernize "Social Security."  When are Americans over age 45 years going to stop paying dues to subsidize the campaign by AARP attacking the first innovative proposal to substitute a real retirement system for the Ponzi Scheme begun by Roosevelt decades ago?  Too many are too addicted to the so-called "discounts" they receive by being "members" of "AARP," the most selfish, self-centered, demagogic organization in the history of American politics.

            Years ago when I turned 45, I began receiving junk mail from "AARP."  I refused to be one of the suckers joining such faux "membership" organization.  I knew then it would become the kind of organization I wouldn't join at gunpoint.  To my great consternation, my wife continues paying the annual "dues" for her "membership" in this disgusting organization.  I'd rather pay "full price" for what I want than to sell my dignity to such a left-wing, pro-nanny-government organization of whiners in order to get a "discount."

            "Seniors" should find more dignified ways of getting "discounts" than furnishing financial support for the alleged "membership" goals and purposes of such a transparently self-serving, posterity-be-damned organization.  How pathetic that so many members of what Tom Brokaw justifiably called "the Greatest Generation" have allowed themselves to be so blatantly used by this alleged "membership" organization in ways to undermine the goals for posterity that the Greatest Generation sacrificed so willingly decades ago to preserve.

            If the majority of AARP "members" who don't actively support the AARP's anti-posterity agenda don't stop paying "dues" they will deserve the label being earned by the small percentage of "members" that support such agenda.  What's the label?  "The Greediest Generation."

Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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Title:  Road Hogs in Edsels

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