Feb. 26, 2005--

Canadian Prime Minister says, "No defense, please-- we're Canadians"; High school principal requires plunging necklines for females; Washington Post says Condoleeza Rice exudes "sex and power." 

            Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin announced that Canada will insist on being excluded from the missile-defense system being developed by the United States.  Martin said Canada's reason for such decision was the desire to avoid participation in a system that would lead to an "arms race."   In a related story, Prime Minister Martin also announced Canada's request to be excluded from the Pacific Rim Tsunami Warning system out of a desire to avoid participating in a system that would lead to more earthquakes.

            News reports say that a high-school principal ordered the yearbook editor to remove the senior picture of a female student who wore the tuxedo top prescribed for males rather than the "drape" and "beads" prescribed for females.  The student, whom the report described as a "self-proclaimed lesbian," said she preferred not to pose in a drape that would "expose her chest."  Denying that the girl's sexual orientation was the real reason for ordering removal of the picture, the principal explained that what motivated his decision was the desire to protect the traditional values exemplified by plunging necklines for females.  Of course, if the principal were really literate-- i.e., a regular reader of the New York Times and Washington Post-- he would have learned -- as exemplified by the following story-- know that long coats and high boots rather than plunging necklines exude femininity.

            The Washington Post published an article asserting that "Condoleeza Rice's coat and boots speak of sex and power."  Another article in the same issue of the Post lamented the tendency of the British press to engage in "tabloid journalism" obsessing over the attire of various members of the royal family.  When reporters asked Dr. Rice why she had suddenly begun wearing knee-high boots she explained it this way:  "Everyone knows that it's quite foggy at Foggy Bottom, so no one should be surprised that one would need a full-length coat to work there, but few people know that most of the fog is caused by methane rising from the deep layer of fertile material that comprises the Bottom at Foggy Bottom."  

Foggy Bottom Catwalk.

I'm Condi, whose long coat and boots
were said by the Post to exude
my lusting to flex
both "power and sex"
to dazzle those Old-Europe dudes.

However, the reason I need
a long coat and boots to my knees
is Fog at the Bottom
where layers have gotten
not only quite fertile but deep.

Moreover, the folks who perceive
my long-coat and knee-boots to be
the way that I dress
for "power and sex"
must never have seen the real me.

Though smart women needn't be nude
for "power and sex" to exude,
if seeking to flex
my "power and sex"
a scantier outfit I'd use.

And so, for this slide-show I've written
this lim'rick for those who are smitten
by needs to observe
attire I'd prefer
when "power and sex" is my mission.

For "power" I dress to convey
a stately cerebral cachet,
but if I would flex
my weapons of sex,
the next frame shows what I'd display.

Coming soon-- a music-video featuring Condoleeza Rice wearing her long coat and high boots to play the piano while standing and simultaneously singing Nancy Sinatra's 1960's hit song, "These Boots Are Made for Walking."

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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