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John Kerry-- Old Stolen Honor in New Stolen Bottle; Old Kerry Wine in New Kerry Bottle; Swift Boat Veterans and POW's;  Free Speech; 60 Minutes RatherGate-- George W. Bush.

            The John Kerry Campaign, his liberal and leftist supporters, and the dominant media are having vapors over Sinclair Broadcasting's stated intention for broadcasting "Stolen Honor" and offering Kerry "equal time" following such broadcast.  Their anti-free-speech attack echoes their attacks on ads by SwiftBoat Veterans for Truth and the book, Unfit for Command.  None of those attacking those ads and that book had expressed any concern whatsoever about Terry McAuliffe having adopted wholesale the "AWOL" allegations against Bush which any investigative journalist seriously interested in the facts could have determined to have been spurious from the start.  Thus, they can't seriously expect anyone to now take seriously their shrill and spurious claims that Sinclair Broadcasting's proposal "violates" Campaign Finance "Reform."  

            The weapon of choice wielded by critics of RatherGate was harsh, well-deserved criticism-- not censorship.  This was despite the fact that RatherGate not only propagated an easily discernible fraud but also failed to even offer "equal time" to George Bush before broadcasting the 60 Minutes hatchet job against him.  That was only the latest in a series of sequentially timed hatchet jobs by 60 Minutes beginning early in 2004-- e.g., see Against Full Hindsight (and commentary) on March 29, 2004; Mike Wallace & Bob Woodward on 60 Minutes on April 19, 2004; CBS News Contempt for the Troops on May 7, 2004; Dan Rather's Secret Identity on Sept. 10, 2004; Back to the Future in 60 Minutes on Sept. 12, 2004; Hi, I'm Dan Rather and I Approved this Ad on Sept. 17, 2004;  I Am Not a Partisan Hack, Says Rather on Sept. 20, 2004; I'm Dan Rather Sorry on Sept. 22, 2004; SeeBS Spin on Sept. 30, 2004.  Of course, CBS is not alone-- see, e.g., SwiftBoat Journalism on Aug. 6, 2004; Dan Ratherism at ABC News on Oct. 9, 2004;  Chris Matthews & Brian Williams Defame Dick Cheney on Oct. 9, 2004; and O'Neill's Words, Ted's Ears & Dan's Eyes on Oct. 15, 2004.

            Few, if any, who caustically mischaracterize "Stolen Honor" as a violation of Campaign Finance "Reform" were heard to criticize Howard Dean when he eschewed federal funding during the primaries in order to avoid being bound by federal campaign spending and financing limits.  When Howard Dean made such announcement, PoliSat.Com applauded such decision on free-speech grounds despite intense disdain for his candidacy.  Here's an excerpt from that installment about "Howard the Squirrel":

Though candidate, Dean, I disdain, on one thing I'm forced to refrain from writing to mock the arrogant "Doc"-- His "no-public-funding" campaign.  Such action by Howard reverses his statement that money from purses of taxpayers must be fillings and crusts for sating the populists' urges.  Hypocrisy always entwines the ideologically blind, but sometimes with luck the truth like a nut they find like a squirrel that's blind.  (See PoliSat.Com's Howard the Squirrel on Nov. 9, 2003.)

            Likewise, when George Soros and MoveOn.Org began running indefensively offensive ads attacking Bush, PoliSat.Com held its nose and expressed the view that free speech trumps Campaign Finance "Reform."  Here's an excerpt from that installment titled "Braking for Skunks":  

Though skunks on the roads in the land spread odors too pungent to "stand," a driver who's wise risks danger to drive around such a skunk if he can.  And likewise, when odors command political roads in the land, the tactic most dumb is "aim for the skunk" in Campaign-Reformer Sedans.  To Dubya from PoliSat-Com:  Do NOT drive McCain/Feingold's "car" at skunks in your way! Throw bait to convey the scent that they favor, by far.  To counter the scent of MoveOn and odors by which they're adorned, my bait is French cheese so folks can perceive the scent most preferred by MoveOn.   (See PoliSat.Com's Braking for Skunks on March 10, 2004.)

            In short, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, what could possibly be wrong with according highly-decorated Vietnam POW's (one of whom is a Congressional Medal of Honor winner) their opportunity to tell part of history they know first-hand that's relevant to John Kerry's having made his service in Vietnam the centerpiece of his presidential campaign-- especially since the dominant media has steadfastly refused to even hear their voices (much less try to chase them down as the dominant media has done in desperate attempts to "prove" that George Bush was "AWOL" from his Air National Guard duties)? 

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com

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