Barack Obama wins Grammy for "BaRack The Vote" to "Rock the Boat" for "Change for America" as Hillary Clinton seeks duet with Obama while John McCain wins "Top Gun Maverick" Grammy.·


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By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
February 11, 2008--

            Barack Obama wins another Grammy -- this one for "BaRack The Vote" to "Rock the Boat" for "Change for America" as Hillary Clinton tries to persuade Obama to rejoin her in a political duet while John McCain wins award as "Top Gun Maverick."  Meanwhile, both ardent and grudging supporters of McCain agree that the decisive question to be answered by voters in November, 2008, is:   "Who do you want to be in charge when the expletive deleted hits the fan?"

            Some political experts think Obama is on the verge of rocketing past Hillary, but others think Hillary has a "secret plan" to "win the nomination."  Anonymous sources say it's modeled on Richard Nixon's "secret plan" to win in Vietnam, which he later revealed to be "Vietnamization."  Those sources say Hillary's "secret plan" to win the nomination is called "Latinomization."  Thus the struggle between Obamalot and Clintalot/Bubbalot to succeed the magical Kingdom of Camelot goes on.   Many political experts were surprised that  Hillary won in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts (also known as "The Land of the Peoples Cube")  despite Obama's recent surge and despite Tawdrid, brother of the fallen King of Camelot, having placed Excalibur on Obama's Left Shoulder and pronounced him King Obamthur of Obamalot.

            Other insiders think Obama also has a "secret plan" to win the nomination-- It's called "De-Clintonization."  Even though Obama embraces far-left policies and espouses a Chamberlainist form of foreign policy, he has thus far adapted an approach from Ronald Reagan's campaigning strategy-- Exhibiting good-natured optimism and appealing to the better nature of non-ideological Americans.  In essence, he's trying to be a Ronald Reagan of the Left.   His not-so-subtle "De-Clintonization" plan echoes George W. Bush's not-so-subtle promise in campaigning in 2000 to "clean up the mess in the Oval Office."

            The Super-Thursday alliance between Mitt Romney and John McCain prepared the political battlefield against the Essence of Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama as would-be Monarchs of the putative Kingdoms of Clintalot (a.k.a. Bubbalot) and/or Obamalot.   Barack draws support mostly from the YOUTH (Young Offspring Unexposed to History) vote expected to be inspired by themes emulating MTV's "rock the vote" campaign to "educate" young voters (see above-right video).  Hillary draws her most ardent support from the GOTBOH Gals (the "Government Ought To Be Our Husbands" Gals), who have now eclipsed the famed "Soccer Moms," who supported our First Black President, Bill "Bubba" Clinton.  Some experts think the "Essence of Hillary" video portrays her in her best light, but others think it was a video for the 2008 Super Bowl.

            Most experts agree, however, that the "minions of Obamalot" are amassing a far greater arsenal to be wielded against the rapidly dwindling arsenal and anti-siege defenses of Clintalot/Bubbalot.  Yet supporters of the Clintons stress that the prospective lure of Clintonian pardons was long-ago proven to be a powerful incentive for large contributors to help re-fill the Clintons' coffers.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com. .




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