Aug. 5, 2005--

Ayman al Zawahri hosts infomercial on Al Jazeera touting Al Qaeda Brand Jihad. (Updated 20150509 merely by embedding 2005 video)


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            Following Ayman al Zawahri's video-tape on Al Jazeera threatening more attacks on Britain and the United States, our high-tech equipment has captured the video from Ayman al Zawahri's pilot for an infomercial for Al Qaeda Brand Jihad.  His popularity on Al Jazeera convinced his marketing specialists that he has a loyal following in the Middle East, so they're trying to convert his occasional videos into a full-length infomercial.  They're even considering trying to make it into a marathon if they can continue counting on a number of wealthy Saudis. 



--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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P.S. from Editor:  

By the way, use the logo and link for "Take Back the Memorial" (right) for information about how you can support the effort to "Take Back" the 9-11 Memorial from the politically-correct crowd now planning to overshadow the Memorial with a "museum" chronicling the sins of America as though they were relevant to the current war against the medieval, totalitarian, perverted version of Islam being peddled by al Qaeda et al.



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Title:  Al-Qaeda Brand Jihad. 

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