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October 18, 2005--

Sunnis voting on Iraqi constitution and alleged voting irregularities affect perceptions of Iraqi front in war against Islamic fascism as terrorist-tree blight or new growth in freedom's forest.

            Notwithstanding undisputed physical-observation evidence of significant increases in the number of Iraqis voting in the October 16, 2005, referendum on the proposed Iraqi Constitution in areas in which turnout was low in the January, 30, 2005 election, the Left and the FDM/TDMşı are certain to focus on the hole in the doughnut:  allegations that in some areas the numbers of "yes" votes were padded and the numbers of "no" votes were suppressed.  Assuming, arguendo, that such allegations are 100% correct (unlikely), what is now occurring is part of a new phenomenon in the Middle East:  serious governmental investigation, rather than suppression, of such allegations.  In the Saddam Hussein era, who would have dared present to such allegations to the government?  

            In the Saddam Hussein era, Iraqis desiring to make such allegations knew they would have to do so only after leaving Iraq to avoid being killed or imprisoned by the government for doing so.  Today, dissident Iraqis apparently know they can express such allegations without fearing such reprisals from the government.  Moreover, they know that threats of death as retaliation for political activity come not from the government but from Sunni Fanatics and Islamic Fascists.  Thus, such dissidents' making such allegations directly to the government inside Iraq is at worst a nascent embrace, rather than repudiation, of the constitutional process

            Undisputed physical-observation evidence of significant and dramatic increases in participation in the electoral process by dissident Sunnis bodes well for the electoral process.  Likewise, expectations among dissidents that voting-irregularity allegations will prompt serious investigation rather than violent reprisal by the government is progress rather than regression.  It's a sign that healthy trees in freedom's forest are overcoming the presence of terror-tree blight rather than vice-versa.


şı FDM/TDM means the "Formerly-Dominant-Media" heretofore known as the "Traditionally Dominant Media," also sarcastically known outside those media by the letters "MSM" to denote the FDM/TDM's masquerade as the "MainStream" Media.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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