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Archives-- Installments for  June 11--20, 2006, starting below in reverse chronological order.



June 17, 2006--

The Left and Leftist Democrats make Iraq and war on terror their "Bridge on the River Fie" without recognizing or atoning for their treachery as did "Col. Nicholson" in Bridge on the River Kwai." ·

              The Left has made Iraq (and the war on terror generally) its "Bridge on the River Fie" just as "Col. Nicholson" made the Bridge on the River Kwai in his blindly misguided devotion to ideals, but unlike today's Left and the Michael Moore Wing (no, Fuselage) of the Democratic Party, "Col. Nicholson" still retained enough innate decency to finally recognize the anti-liberty effects of his moral blindness and to atone for his treacherous acts.   The moral blindness of the current, Leftist "leadership" of the Democratic Party, which is seeking to ostracize statesmen such as Joe Lieberman, was explicitly on display in yesterday's (June 16, 2006) debate in Congress over the Republican-sponsored resolution to make victory rather than retreat/withdrawal the goal in Iraq (and in the war on terror generally).

            Callously giving fuel to anti-liberty propaganda by Islamic-Fascists And Paleo-Stalinists (IFAPS) and CACASAPS, Nancy Pelosi, minority "leader" of one Western Civilization's two leading democratic legislative chambers described Operation Iraqi Freedom as a "grotesque mistake."   Blinded by hatred for George W. Bush, the American Left touts distorted and exaggerated imperfections in Bush's strategy for Western Civilization in its struggle to defeat the perfect evil of Islamic Fascism and Paleo-Stalinism.  

            The American Left is morally blind and oblivious to the fact that a major component of this long struggle is a war of ideas being waged on the field of propaganda.  Ted Kennedy accuses Bush of having launched Operation Iraqi Freedom to provide "profits" to his friends.  He equates aberrant misconduct by American troops at Abu Ghraib with the "torture" chambers operated by Saddam Hussein.  He equates use of scantily clad female interrogators to apply psychological humiliation or temptation in seeking to break the fanatical will of terrorist-detainees at Gitmo with criminal violations of the Geneva Conventions applicable to uniformed prisoners of war.    Dick Durbin equates allegations of mistreatment of captured terrorists by American troops with the behavior of "Nazis" and "Pol Pot" guards in "Soviet Gulags"-- see here, here and here.  John Kerry impliedly alleges that American troops have been "terrorizing" innocent Iraqis (here), after which he and his supporters speciously claimed (here) that his assertions did not "imply" any such thing notwithstanding the self-evident nature of such implication.  Al Gore screams (in Elmer Gantry style) that Bush "betrayed" the country.  Howard Dean accorded dignity to outrageous allegations that Bush purposefully "allowed" the 9-11 attack to happen in order to create moral justification for war.  Howard Dean gives encouragement to the IFAPS by asserting that victory in Iraq is unattainable.    

            At a time when many in the Arab and Islamic worlds harbor paranoid hatred and distrust towards Israel and the United States, "icons" of the Entertainment Left (Charlie Sheen, et al, ad nauseum) spout paranoid theories that "the Mossad" and/or "the CIA" and/or "henchmen" of Bush staged the 9-11 attack by flying airliners converted into pilotless drones into the twin towers and into the ground in Pennsylvania and by striking the Pentagon with a cruise missile.  Notwithstanding such hateful, paranoid and deranged conspiracy theories advanced by such "icons," few of the current "leaders" of the Democratic Party have, or will, overtly and unequivocally denounce such nonsense from the Fringe-Left community upon which they have become so dependent for financial and activist support.

            Where is the Democratic Party of the leader who said that in the long twilight struggle between liberty and totalitarianism, the United States would support "any friend," "oppose any foe" and "bear any burden" to assure the triumph of liberty?   Where is the Democratic Party of Harry Truman?  Franklin Roosevelt?  Woodrow Wilson?  They became NeoCons supporting Bush-- that's where they went when the Left and Far-Left began controlling their party.

            The Windows Movie Video for this installment is titled, "Bridge On The River Kwai Fie."  The above-left version is for medium-high-speed-speed connections.  The permanent link for this page is:  http://PoliSat.Com/Bridge_On_The_River_Kwai_Fie.htm, where multiple versions (larger/smaller) are available for various connection (faster/slower) speeds.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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