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AVATAR star Neytiri Accepts Prestigious Position of GAIA Minister at The Peoples Cube for Implementation of Copenhagen Protocols Against Global Warming.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
February 26, 2010--

            AVATAR star Neytiri accepts the prestigious position of GAIA Minister at The Peoples Cube for implementation of Copenhagen Protocols Against Global Warming.  A new video titled "Neytiri Speaks for GAIA" reveals Neytiri discharging her duties as GAIA Minister.

            Such duties include hearing confessions of, and imposing penances on, wayward proletarians (popularly known as "proles") as well as hearing the needs of, and granting carbon-indulgences for, GAIA Luminaries.  Another vital function she performs is revealing her physical embodiment not only as the Princess of Pandora but also as the Goddess of GAIA for the benefit of wayward proles not yet enlightened enough to be attracted to her solely on the basis of her scientific prowess.  To enhance her performance of that function, she has made a number of videos, such as "Neytiri Exposed," which has already been released, and others soon to be released.  She is also playing an important role in the production of the soon-to-be-released video "GAIA Genesis."  

            Regarding her role as "GAIA Minister" for Earth at The Peoples Cube, she stressed that she and her fellow Na'vi inhabitants of the Eden-like planet, Pandora, are "friendly" extra-terrestrials rather than so many other "ET's" known to have visited Earth over the millenia.  She said, "Too often, Earthlings are too skeptical of the wisdom of those who possess special insights into Nature."

            To help Earthlings understand not only the non-threatening nature of the Na'vis but also their noble tendency to forgive transgressions against them, she recalled how the Wise Council of Elders on Pandora chose to forgive the barbaric treatment of Pandora's first visitors to Earth at Roswell in 1948 in performing "autopsies" on the bodies of the spacecraft's crew.  She added, "That's because even then we were committed to enlightening Earthlings of the dangers of Global Warming.  That was a pre-enlightenment time when even your most brilliant scientists were on the verge of predicting 'Global Cooling.'"  

            Asked about the apparent contradiction in the facts that on the one hand, News Corporation's "Twentieth Century Fox" division produced the movie "AVATAR" while allowing it's news division (Fox News) "to continually disparage the efforts of the courageous Earthlings seeking to persuade all Earthlings to return to life in a natural state" she said:  "I think NewsCorp allowing its movie division to produce AVATAR is a sign that it already plans to transition from its reliance on blonde foxes to reliance on the far more sensuous images of blue foxes from Pandora."  

            Timed to coincide with her appointment as GAIA Minister at The Peoples Cube is the release of a video featuring a tour-de-force exposition not only of her embodiment of GAIA but also of her singing talent.  The title of that video is "Neytiri Sings AVATAR," in which she sings the haunting theme of AVATAR.  

            Asked about the challenges in making such video, Neytiri said, "The most challenging aspect of making that video was the necessity for me to wholly reveal my most intimately true self in order to properly convey the artistic content of the overall theme of AVATAR.   I cannot allow myself to be deterred by the fact that some people may find such revelation to be 'too shocking.'"   

            Despite the fact that many ardent supporters of Neytiri's efforts to "revitalize" the "Copenhagen process" believe she exposed far too much of her real self in making that video, most of her supporters subscribe to the time-tested thesis of the entertainment industry that "no exposure is too much exposure" in efforts to use popular culture as the mechanism for inculcating into non-reactionary members of the public a wholly unconditional embrace of the progressive principles obliging all humans to put Nature and Mother Earth ahead of their own best interests or their foolish impulses towards individualism.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com (PoliticalXray.Com).

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