June 23, 2005--

Senate rejects McCain/Lieberman amendment to Energy Bill to codify Global Warming BSF; U.N. and European, bureaucracies (aka IPCC) apoplectic over Senate's refusal to pass gas limiting amendment.

            Yesterday, the Senate rejected an amendment to the Energy Bill proposed by John McCain and Joe Lieberman that would have, in essence, codified Scientific Flatulence-- better known outside the U.N., European and Third World bureaucracies (i.e., IPCC) as the "Global Warming" theory.   This proposed amendment is among a group of "Global Warming" bills introduced perennially by McCain and Lieberman, whose good intentions cannot remedy the bad science upon which such proposals are founded.

            Advocates of the theory that activities of mankind, rather than natural causes, are causing fluctuations in average annual temperatures over geologically-short time-spans contend their theory is sound, but the real sound being heard is the scientific flatulence upon which such theory is based.  That such theory is so obviously flawed in its premise is not new even though the media still has not caught on to (or has chosen to ignore) flaws exposed years ago.  Meanwhile, we waste billions on such Scientific Flatulence while spending mere millions to develop ways to defend against a far more deadly planetary catastrophe-- i.e., the next Tunguska-size impact.  

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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P.S. from Editor:  

By the way, use the logo and link for "Take Back the Memorial" (right) for information about how you can support the effort to "Take Back" the 9-11 Memorial from the politically-correct crowd now planning to overshadow the Memorial with a "museum" chronicling the sins of America as though they were relevant to the current war against the medieval, totalitarian, perverted version of Islam being peddled by al Qaeda et al.



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Title:  Global Warming BSF

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