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April 3, 2006--

Sharon Stone asserts "Basic Instinct" insight into political anthropology to proclaim Hillary Clinton is "too sexy" to be elected President in 2006.

    Despite Sharon Stone's attempt to publicize her sequel to "Basic Instinct" by sharing with "ordinary" people her profound "Basic Instinct" insight into political anthropology by proclaiming Hillary Clinton is "too sexy" to be elected president in 2008, it seems that the initial box-office response to her self-publication efforts may have been less than spectacular.  Anonymous sources in Hollywood worry that "Basic Instinct 2" may become known as "Basic Instink Too."

    The Baltimore Sun and TheAustralianNews.Com reported Stone's March 27, 2006, pronouncements that Hillary should defer running for President until she has passed her "sexual prime" because her "intimidating sexuality" make "men afraid" because they find her "sexual power" too "threatening."  This made all thinking people view Hillary in a new, basic-instinct light.  Anonymous sources indicate that Bill Clinton actually called Hillary and asked her out on a "date."  Reliable sources indicated she said she was "not going there, not now or ever."  Bill's close advisors report that he said, "Well, I guess I'll just have to settle for asking Sharon Stone out on a date or at least invite her to my office and ask her to sit down for a "basic instinct" interview.

    Previously, there had been speculation that Sharon Stone would be the best actress to play Hillary in a true-to-life biographical movie, but now Hollywood box-office moguls are trying to persuade Hillary to play Sharon Stone in a true-to-life biographical movie of Stone as one of the Left's favorite intellectual icons.  Does this mean that Bill Clinton will now be asked to play Michael Douglas?

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