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Jan. 29, 2007--

Sharon Stone Super Bowl ad for Hillary Clinton exposes falsity of claims by Barak Obama and others that she lacks "what it takes" to "stand-up" to "evil men"; Stone shows "toughness" is more than "Basic Instinct."·

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           In record time of only two days following a political controversy-- this one arising from Hillary's reference to her experience in having to deal with "evil men" (more) -- Hillary 2008 already has produced a first-class commercial for the Super Bowl that demolishes the claims that she doesn't have "what it takes" to "stand-up" to, or subdue, evil men.  The commercial, sponsored by HEICO,º¹ follows the now-familiar pattern of HEICO commercials in having a "celebrity" or "actor" appear with a "real pol" to help explain the message.  

            In light of some recent, apparent Hollywood defections from Hillary's bandwagon, the Hillary 2008 Campaign was thrilled that HEICO arranged for Sharon Stone to be the "actor" to appear in the commercial with Hillary.  This was especially satisfying in light of the fact that Stone created quite a controversy last year when she said that although she wanted Hillary to be President, she felt Hillary was still "too sexy" to be elected because male votes would find her "sexuality" to be "too intimidating."  In fact, some pundits were already writing Hillary-for-President political obituaries, such as this one:  

"Says Stone, 'Hill for Prez has to wait-- Too sexy for 2008."  So, what should she do?  Campaign from the tomb in Two-Thousand-Forty-and-Eight."  

Amazingly, some who read that commentary failed to recognize it as a satirical limerick, and many "real pols" who rate HEICO as being without peer among its competitors still claim it was an example of right-wing "hate speech."  When asked to comment on this, a spokesbeing for Hillary 2008 said, "Hillary feels just as offended by such heavy-handed satire as the Neanderthals feel offended by the hate-speech slogan, "So easy a 'cave man' could do it."  Out of respect for the former first lady, we're not including a link to that commentary, but it can easily be found by an advanced search via Google or Yahoo by entering "Basic Instinct of Sharon Stone and Hillary Clinton" (without quotation marks) in the exact-phrase search-box.

            In contrast to the offense taken by Hillary, Stone politely disagreed, saying:  "I like cave men.  Their instincts are good-- and they're especially easily manipulated by the 'Basic Wardrobe Pre-Function,' which I used so effectively in Basic Instinct."   She said the difference between that and the alleged "wardrobe malfunction" Janet Jackson experienced during her half-time Super Bowl performance several years ago, is that she, unlike Jackson, never tries to characterize intentional, pre-planned eroticism as an "accident' or wardrobe "malfunction."  Then she mentioned for the umpteenth time that "Basic Instinct II' was (then) about to be released.

            In other developments in the wake of Hillary's "evil men" statement, a few reporters contacted Bill Clinton to determine whether he thought she intended the phrase to apply to him.  Ever the supportive husband, Bill said, "You'll have to ask Hillary."  The he added, "She worked tirelessly for me, and she even did her best to get Al Gore elected in 2000, but he's too much of an ingrate to appreciate it."  When reporters tried to reach Gore, who is still basking in the glory of his Oscar nomination for his movie about global warming and its prequel, "Da Gorgle Code" (again, use the exact-phrase search function of Google or Yahoo to find "Da Gorgle Code"), his spokesman said he was unavailable due to his having become trapped so long on an ice-sheet that broke-off from the North Pole that his Blackberry battery had died.

            Given the emerging animosity between the Barak Obama and Hillary 2008 campaigns, and even though it was only recently, it now seems a long-gone event that Barak and Hillary joined in a duet to sing a political fight song titled "I Knock You Babe," which you can find via Google or Yahoo by entering the song-title in the exact-phrase box of the advanced search of the Internet.  Sadly, such are the fortunes of politics.  I think it was Ambrose Bierce  who defined "statesman" as "a politician who's deceased" (and thus no longer a political "threat".)  Just ask Gerald Ford's family about the love and affection from those who loved to hate him when he was alive and in office.

            So much for this controversy.  I'm eager to see all the new Super Bowl Commercials.  It's now bigger than the "Oscars," which I stopped watching decades ago after agreeing with George C. Scott that they're really "infomercials" for movies and constitute little more than an manifestation of entertainment-industry narcissism.   As the Truism Philosopher once said, "I try to limit my narcissism to love of my self rather than celebrities."

--Jim Wrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief for PoliSat.Com.

Note:  A larger version (640x480) of this video for highest-speed connections as well as a 320x240-size version for medium speed connections are available at the permanent link for this installment at  http://PoliSat.Com/SuperBowlAds4Hillary.htm.   Please note that the news-link for this installment is temporary (normally 30 days in the news database), but it's permanently available as described in the preceding sentence.


º¹·Everyon's heard of "HEICO," but some don't know what it stands for.  It stands for "Hollywood Entertainers In Clinton's Orbit."



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