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New Osama bin Laden video tape parrots Michael Moore's propaganda and vice-versa while we wait to see if John Kerry repudiates, or continues parroting, Moore's propaganda.

            The new video tape by Osama bin Laden (aka Usama bin Laden) parrots the anti-Bush propaganda of the Democratic Left's favorite spokesman, Michael Moore, who enjoyed an "honored" seat beside Jimmy Carter at the Democratic National Convention.  His video tape also puts to rest in the minds of everyone not on the far left any doubt that the prime motive for his "jihad" against the United States is our audacity in daring to exercise influence in the Middle East opposing those seeking the destruction of Israel, a democratic country standing in stark relief to the medieval totalitarianism sought by bin Laden.  It also reinforces the central thesis of Operation Iraqi Freedom-- i.e., that the Middle East, not Afghanistan, is the center of gravity for al Qaeda's barbaric war against modernity and human rights.

            Is the tape, alone or in conjunction with the video-tape by the American-born convert to Islamic totalitarianism released earlier this week predicting an attack to "dwarf" 9-11, a harbinger of an attack on us between now and election day?  Ostensibly, bin Laden lacks confidence in his ability to predict a successful attack and, therefore, he has employed the tactic of having a surrogate (the American-born jihadist) predict an attack so that the passage of election day without a successful attack would afford bin Laden "deniability" with respect to that prediction and prevent such failure from being perceived as his failure.  Thus, the "good news" is that he must lack confidence in the prospects for a "successful" attack on us, but the bad news is that a plan for attack must be in progress to enable him to retroactively take credit if it were to succeed.

            Whether it's "fair" to John Kerry or not, no one can seriously deny that the perception among Islamic fanatics (and among Muslims unwilling to overtly condemn and oppose such fanaticism) is that Kerry's policy in Iraq would be less aggressively committed to establishment of a government respecting human rights in Iraq than would Bush's policy.  Therefore, whether it's "fair" to Kerry or not, the Islamic fanatics would construe the defeat of Bush as a victory for their cause.  Critics of Bush argue with what they perceive to be great sophistication that Operation Iraqi Freedom has served as such a great "recruiting" tool for al Qaeda that they really want Bush to win.  They didn't need such "recruitment" incentives for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, for the bombing of the American Embassies in Africa, for the bombing of the Cole, or for 9-11.  

            Common sense suggests that whatever "recruitment" benefits they may have accrued have been more than offset by the enormous resources that Operation Iraqi Freedom has required them to apply in their ultimately doomed effort to prevent Iraq from becoming a human-rights-respecting country.  Every terrorist our troops (and the new Iraqi Army and Police) kill in Iraq is one terrorist no longer available to participate in terrorist acts elsewhere.  "Strategery" chess will ultimately prove to be far more effective in the long run (i.e., for our children and grandchildren) than the tic-tac-toe tactics we followed when we all lived in the pre-9-11 fool's paradise in which almost all of us naively perceived "law enforcement" tactics as the proper weapon against such terrorism.

            While we all hope that whatever plans al Qaeda may now have in progress will fail, we must also be prepared to refuse to allow any successful attack-- no matter how large or devastating-- to diminish our aggressiveness in maintaining a strategic offensive against Islamic totalitarianism on a global basis.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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