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GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report Explains UN Agenda from Bolivia for Global Law Giving Mother Earth and All Living Things the Same Rights as Humans.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
April 13, 2011--

            The giant cockroaches featured in the Orkin Hot-Tub commercial are ecstatic over this GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report explaining the new United Nations (UN) agenda from Bolivia's Evo Morales for enactment of a global-law framework according "the same rights as humans' to Mother Earth, Mother Nature, GAIA, and all living things including all species of plants and animals.  No longer need the giant cockroaches fear becoming victims of genocide by the capitalistic war against pests by Orkin, Terminix, and other instruments of capitalistic war against Mother Nature, Mother Earth, GAIA and all non-human species. 

            To dramatize the importance of this breakthrough in the globalization of subordination of humans to not only to Mother Earth's vital features such as glaciers, volcanoes, continental plates, weather, climate, earthquakes, tsunamis, deserts, droughts, floods, etc. but also to all non-human species inhabiting Earth, GAIA Minister Neytiri dramatically interrupted Orkin's filming of a new version of the "Hot-Tub" commercial featuring a "strip-teasing" giant cockroach attempting to spoil the young, male hot-tub owner's attempt to seduce his female companion into human-reproduction activity that inherently threatens the natural balance Mother Earth has so wisely provided for all other living species.  (See picture below-left.)   

            Part of the framework of this new set of Global Law of Nature will address the inherent threat to Mother Earth and all non-human species (including all species of plants and animals from microbial life to sperm whales) posed by unchecked and irresponsible human reproduction.  How so?  The new Global Law of Nature will establish an international organization to be known as "HOPPER" (which stands for "Harmonizing Orderly Planetary Parenthood Environmental Regulations").   Endorsing this approach,  the world's leading defender/protector of GAIA, Al Gore, said:  "The best way to protect The Planet is to put humans into the HOPPER."   

            Under this plan, all human-reproduction activity will be recognized as an inherent threat to the well-being of Mother Earth and of all non-human species.  Therefore, a special Non-Human-Species Assembly will be established at the United Nations.  The name of such new assembly will be "MOTHER," which stands for "Multicellulars Other Than Human Environmental Rapists."   In this assembly, human advocates (sometimes known as "lawyers") will speak on behalf of all other species in establishing strict guidelines for human reproduction.   

            Some advocates for MOTHER contend that human reproduction should be banned entirely, but others say that permitting humans to engage in such activity keeps them occupied and does not pose a threat to Mother Earth unless such activity were to be effective in yielding reproduction.  Therefore, this latter group favors surreptitious sterilization of humans.  Although many opponents of human  reproduction believe the most effective methods for preventing human reproduction are:  (a) the "pill" and (b) abortion, the overwhelming consensus of scientists recommend two different methods, each of which is quite effective.  One is to require all males to wear those really tight, knit underpants, which will keep the testicles too hot and thus make their sperm sterile-- thus, boxer shorts would be outlawed.  The other is to ban all sexual positions other than the Lewinsky position.  Many scientists say that this is the most effective method except in those rare cases in which the male actually desires to procreate.  Even critics of this method concede that even though it would not bring human reproduction to a complete halt, it would serve the ultimate goal of the MOTHER assembly by assuring an ample supply of humans in the future to be used for experimentation, to populate zoos in which humans could be on display in simulated habitats for the entertainment and education of all non-human species and their young offspring.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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