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Iran's Ahmadinejad Sings "Everybody Needs A Mahdi" as Middle-East Nears Tipping Point between Catastrophe and Nuclear Apocalypse.

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
July 8, 2011--

            Except for Middle-East experts  (and most of the ordinary people comprising the news-junkie audience for the recently-ended Glenn Beck program on the Fox News Channel), few Americans have the slightest knowledge about the apocalyptically fundamentalist, medieval theology embraced by Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the totalitarian theocracy ruling Iran.  Since the Left still enjoys a decades-long virtual headlock on the news and entertainment media shaping America's culture and, unfortunately, likewise shaping what may pass for "political" views of most Americans in the under-40 demographic group, the challenge posed to leaders and citizens knowledgeable about such fanaticism is to develop and implement ways to capture the attention of the typically-not-news-junkies members of that under-40 demographic group in order to enlighten them about the reality of the extreme dangers to Western Civilization if Iran were to complete it's mission to develop nuclear weapons.  Civilization is rapidly approaching a tipping point.

            Perhaps leaders, bloggers, and activist news-junkies who are knowledgeable about such dangers should adapt some of the attention-grabbing tactics employed by PeTA in brainwashing so many young people into accepting misanthropic pantheopianism by recruiting female models to appear naked at rallies or events designed to educate the uninformed about the extreme dangers that would be posed by a nuclear-armed Iran under the control of such apocalyptically fundamentalist, medieval theology.  


            Are there other attention-grabbing tools or tactics to accomplish the same purpose?  Perhaps satirical and/or parodic videos designed to peak enough curiosity on the subject could motivate viewers to seek to become informed on the subject.  To that end, here's a video:


Everybody Needs A Mahdi from PoliticalXray  on Vimeo.

Perhaps watching this satirical/parodic video could also motivate them to watch the documentary movie, Iranium.

            Historical revisionist continue claiming that today we'd be better able to deal with the threats posed by Iran if only George W. Bush were to have not toppled Saddam Hussein.  The fallacies in those claims are obvious to those familiar with the actual history of events in contrast to the false meme conveyed to the un-self-educating swath of Americans who derive their understanding of history and news from the popular culture controlled by the Left's domination of the news and entertainment media.  Those with the patience to watch a video longer than 30 seconds can learn enough to understand the falsity of such meme and become motivated to engage in self-education on the subject:


Bush-Wars Retrospective from PoliticalXray  on Vimeo.

            So, what is the nature of the choice rapidly approaching us?  The choice between the catastrophic consequences of taking effective action to prevent Iran from completing its program to develop nuclear weapons and the apocalyptic consequences of failing to prevent Iran's completion of such program.  To use psychiatric parlance, it's not an approach/avoidance choice; it's an avoidance/avoidance choice-- i.e., It's not a choice between an attractive alternative and an unattractive one but rather a choice between extremely unattractive alternatives.  A choice between catastrophe and apocalypse.  To continue acting as though a "good" choice remains available is to continue to deny reality.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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