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Commentary-- John Kerry's deafness to Voices of Iraq will give voters deja vu all over again just as Intellectuals' contempt for George W. Bush reprises their contempt for Ronald Reagan.

            The soon-to-be-released documentary Voices of Iraq will provide yet another opportunity for John Kerry and his "intellectual" supporters to exhibit their deafness to the voices of freedom and their blindness to a vision of the future shaped by freedom as the best weapon against Islamic Fascism's ability to dupe and/or intimidate non-fanatical Muslims into supporting, or failing to resist, such fascism and the use of terror as its weapon of choice.  This offers an opportunity to remind ourselves of the dismal track record of Western European "intellectuals" and American liberals to comprehend a vision of the future other than by hindsight

            John Kerry and his supporters now laud aspects of Reagan's foreign-policy they mockingly and caustically opposed at the time now that the hindsight of history has proven the wisdom of such policies.  Examples include:  

Reagan's deployment of short-range missiles to Western Europe despite outrage and hatred exhibited by Western European intellectuals and American liberals toward him for doing so; 

Reagan's insistence that the West view the Soviet Empire as destined for the "dustbin" of history despite hateful and derisive mocking of such views by Western European intellectuals and American liberals; 

Reagan's demand that Gorbachev "tear down" the Berlin Wall despite the dismissive views of Western European intellectuals and American liberals that such demands were "naive," "simplistic," and "impolitic";

Reagan's massive buildup of the American military for which Western European intellectuals and American liberals derided as signs of Reagan being a "warmonger"; 

Reagan's successful use of his SDI proposal and deployment of new short-range missiles to Western Europe to bring Gorbachev to the bargaining table to ultimately reduce, rather than merely limiting increasing, the numbers of nuclear weapons despite derisive, dismissive and mocking claims by Western European intellectuals and American liberals that "the way to reduce nuclear weapons is to reduce nuclear weapons-- i.e., for America to "go first" by reducing the numbers of its own weapons as an "incentive" for the Soviets to reduce theirs.  

            John Kerry lauds George Herbert Walker Bush's 1991 U.N. supported Coalition that he (Kerry) strenuously opposed now that the hindsight of history has proven Bush 41 to have been correct.  Yet John Kerry still refuses to laud Reagan's policies that led to the toppling of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and establishment of a democratic form of government.  Why?  Despite history having proven the wisdom of Reagan's policy regarding Nicaragua, Kerry's leftist base, which still adores the Sandinistas, would desert him.

            Kerry's "nuanced" policy du jour regarding Iraq exemplifies his deep intellectual fear of ever embracing a position that intellectuals might deem in hindsight to have been "flawed."  Some people capable of acting heroically when time and circumstance do not afford them the luxury of fully and completely analyzing the viability of all possible options are intellectually incapable of decisiveness when they perceive time and circumstances as affording the opportunity to seek a perfect solution that could not possibly be deemed flawed "in hindsight."  That's why he's so obsessively demands that Bush "admit" his "mistakes."   

            Kerry's making such demands in the current environment to enable him to use them to attack our strategy in Iraq in ways that would demoralize our allies, the Iraqis and our troops while simultaneously encouraging our adversaries is not only unwise but also wrong-headed.  In the midst of the Battle of the Bulge, would it have been wise for Roosevelt to "admit" that the overall planning of Operation Overlord failed to adequately anticipate the time, place and scale of a Nazi counter-offensive?  Of course not.  Did such flaw in planning render Roosevelt and/or Eisenhower and/or Churchill "blameworthy" for casualties sustained and the delay in ultimate victory caused by the Battle of the Bulge?  Of course not.  It's not a perfect world-- especially in waging war against a fanatical, tyrannical enemy.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com

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