March 13, 2005--

Commentary-- Victims of Brian Nichols in Atlanta on March 11, 2005, were also victims of Political Correctness.

            A strong, powerful NFL fullback can have the ball stripped from his grip by an aggressive tackler.  Does that mean that NFL teams ought to consider diminutive grandmothers as fullbacks?  That's the essence of the politically-correct argument that women are "equal" to men for assignments in which brute force, though not a guarantee of success, dramatically increases the odds of success.  Not all criminals are intimidated by a law enforcement officer whose size, build and demeanor convey an ability to apply force quickly and effectively, but does that mean, therefore, that such characteristics should not be considered vital to increase rather than decrease the odds for violent criminals to be intimidated by officers whose jobs often require the ability to intimidate potentially violent people?    

            What sane person not blinded by political correctness would argue that it made sense to allow (much less require) a diminutive grandmother with a holstered, loaded pistol to be in close proximity to-- much less being a lone "guard" for-- a 6'-1" 200-pound man being tried on charges for violent criminal offenses?   Would it have made sense even if she were to have not had a pistol?  What about the risks that a violent person might attack her in an effort to use her as a "hostage" for an escape plan?  

            To raise these questions is not to make light of the brutal injuries sustained by the grandmother assigned to "guard" Brian Nichols in the holding cell for criminal defendants in the courthouse in Atlanta on March 11, 2005, or to make light of her courage (but certainly not good judgment) in accepting such assignment or to make light of the ensuing deaths.  Sensible people are asking these questions out of sheer common sense.

            The same politically-correct crowd that screams about virtually negligible increases in "risks" posed by fatty foods, medicinal side-effects, "second-hand" smoke, etc. willingly choose to be blind to the common-sense fact that with respect to the kinds of tasks for which brute force can dramatically increase the chances of success and dramatically decrease the risks of disaster (i.e., police work, fire-fighting, soldiering, playing in the NFL, etc.), to assign women to such tasks is to invite disaster.  Being equal under the law is not the same as being equivalent in the real world-- especially in environs populated by violent criminals and ruthless adversaries.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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Title:  Victims of PC.

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