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Prisoners-- Torture versus harsh treatment; Thumbs on the Scales of Justice; Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Special Forces, Afghanistan, Baathists, Terrorists, ACLU, ICRC, UNHRC, Kofi Annan, Ted Kennedy.

            Again there arises an asymmetrical chorus of outrage over claims that American troops failed to treat prisoners properly by refusing to cut out their tongues, cut off their hands, cut off their ears, dip them in acid, hang them from ceiling fans, throw them from second-story rooftops and then behead them as do our devoutly religious adversaries.  What's the world coming to?  

            There are signs of hope for a "fair and balanced" view of these issues.  In San Francisco, a group of homosexual men staged a protest against the International Committee Red* Cross (ICRC) classifying as "torture" the practice at Guantanamo of forcing the terrorists to wear ladies' lingerie.   A spokes-being for the group said, "We know the difference between torture and fun-- wearing a business suit is torture, but wearing Victoria's Secret lingerie is fun.  Those terrorists need to 'get a life.'"  

            A group of porn "stars" staged a sit-in and then a lie-in, which, in past tense became a lay-in, protesting the ICRC's classification as "torture" the Abu Ghraib practice of forcing prisoners to lie naked together.  A spokes-being for the porn "stars" said, "If all the terrorists would learn to lie naked together, they wouldn't want to wear clothes anymore and then they'd be easy to spot trying to sneak into airports."

            The United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) launched a full-scale investigation of an allegation that a Special Forces member actually socked a prisoner in the face.  A news report that the UNHRC considered such conduct to be a "war crime" under the Geneva Convention prompted Muhammad Ali to call a press conference to explain that George Foreman, one of the strongest boxers ever, had punched him in the nose yet he (Ali) mocked such mild treatment by asking Foreman, "Is that the best you've got?"  

            Meanwhile, the ACLU, having become envious of the enormous publicity being reaped by the ICRC vowed to never again be outdone in expressing outrage against the treatment of prisoners by American troops.  When a reporter asked the ACLU spokes-being whether it was expressing asymmetrical outrage-- i.e., more outrage at harsh treatment meted out by American troops than at beheadings, mutilation, etc. by the Baathists and terrorists-- the ACLU spokes-being indignantly explained:  "Our priority is education!  Everyone already knows it's barbaric to cut off tongues, ears, limbs and heads but not every knows it's barbaric to force devoutly religious terrorists to wear women's lingerie."  

            Meanwhile, Al Jazeera used a special feature on such barbaric practices as an opportunity to introduce the popular Arab network's newest News Anchorman even though that special report (here) is quite out of date.  Anonymous sources indicated Al Jazeera had been delaying the selection of a new anchor in hopes that Dan Rather would make himself available, but when Rather's "resignation" announcement revealed his plans to continue working for 60 Minutes after leaving the CBS Anchor desk, the top executives at Al Jazeera knew they would have to settle for the next best candidate on whom they could count to regularly present "the truth" to battle the "lies and distortions" by Fox News.  (However, anonymous sources deep inside Al Jazeera have told PoliSat.Com's Middle East Bureau Drawer Chief that the real reason they object to Fox News is that they have too many Foxes presenting the news, which is deeply offensive to the devoutly religious Arab males in the "Arab Street.")  

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com



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