June 22, 2005--

Dick Durbin says he's "sorry"; Americans respond by recognizing him as a sorry excuse for a U.S. Senator in likening Gitmo to death camps run by Nazis, Stalin and Pol Pot.

    Dick Durbin, in competition with Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean and the ACLU to minimize common sense and thereby maximize danger to our troops and our war against Islamic Fanaticism, is trying to yield his current first-place position back to Ted Kennedy and the ACLU.  Durbin "apologized" to "anyone who " may have been offended" by his likening Gitmo to death camps run by Nazis, Stalin and Pol Pot.  (Emphasis added.)

    Ostensibly, he must believe that not everyone would have been offended by such comments.  Therefore, he surely did not want to offend such un-offended people such as Michael Moore, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, the ACLU, Amnesty International, the International Committee of the Red Cross (not your father's "Red Cross"), Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Al Franken, and the rest of the far-left wing fuselage of the Democratic Party ad naseum.

    Indeed, Durbin is merely following what has become a tradition in the far-left wing fuselage of the Democratic Party as documented and illustrated by PoliSat.Com's Political-Web-Way-Back Machine:  Al JaTeddyaInterrogation 101, Interrogation 102Thumbs on the Scales, Got Your Back, Thumb on the Scales (silent), Thumb on the Scales (video), DDADDADDADDDD (silent), DDADDADDADDDD (video), JAWS 2005 (portrait) and JAWS 2005 (landscape).

Need any more be said?

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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P.S. from Editor:  

By the way, use the logo and link for "Take Back the Memorial" (right) for information about how you can support the effort to "Take Back" the 9-11 Memorial from the politically-correct crowd now planning to overshadow the Memorial with a "museum" chronicling the sins of America as though they were relevant to the current war against the medieval, totalitarian, perverted version of Islam being peddled by al Qaeda et al.



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Title:  Durbin Says He's Sorry

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