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Video exposing AVATAR Navi Princess Neytiri on Pandora captures hearts and hormones of young voters with videographic sensuality of James Cameron.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
January 08, 2010--

                        An exclusive video exposes the AVATAR Navi Princess Neytiri on the planet "Pandora" in James Cameron's new blockbuster movie, "AVATAR."   The character "Neytiri" has has captured the hearts (and hormones) of virtually all environmentally conscious people-- especially young men, who are sure to enjoy this video in which Neytiri is unexpectedly exposed by a visitor from a high-tech civilization from a far-away planet. 

            The sexually sensuous appeal of Neytiri is so strong that even avid environmentalists may find it difficult to avoid thinking politically incorrect thoughts such as "drill baby drill." There's more to savor than the implications of how humans relate to the Planet. 

            The beauty of the video is that it exposes more than to just lay bare the physical beauty of Neytiri-- it also reveals the powerfully motivating effect of unyielding dedication to the environment.  What opposing ideology could even hope to compete with such powerfully motivating influences?  

            Indeed, video critics predict Neytiri's unabashed sensuality will eclipse the efforts of the Rock the Vote video in which Susan Sarandon's attractive daughter inspires young women to refuse to have sex with young men who don't support the vital elements of the progressive agenda such as saving the Earth from Global Warming, and Climate Change, preventing extinction of vital species, guaranteeing universal health care, and saving the arts from the carnivorous impulses of unbridled capitalism.

            As proof of the bona-fides of Neytiri as the new "Goddess of Green" despite her blue skin, she shows her chameleon-like ability to adapt her color to the environment.  Not since the pristine condition of Earth maintained in the pre-Columbian era by the post-Pangean indigenous inhabitants of North America has there been such hope for the future of the planet.


            Should Al Gore be in this video or should this video be in Al Gore's next blockbuster movie?  Probably the latter.  Soon Gore (with incalculable revenue from the sale of carbon credits as well as the GAIA HAT and the GoreMobile) and Cameron (already passing $1 Billion in revenue from AVATAR) will stand astride the world as economic titans.  Warren Buffet be coming to them for advice.  Who could have predicted this back in 2000 when Gore was so cruelly robbed of his popular-vote election to be President by the unworthy George Bush?  At least Bush wasn't able to steal the Nobel Peace Prize from Gore.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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