Mar. 9, 2005--

Dan Rather resigns as CBS News Anchor in wake of MemoGate or RatherGate, but worldwide media find Dan Rather certain he did not have fraudulent relations with that source, Mary Mapes.

            Today, on the occasion of Dan Rather's resignation as Anchor at CBS News, PoliSat.Com presents its own historical perspective on Rather.  Much of the information is at http://PoliSat.Com/RatherBlather.htm.  We're also publishing additional, serious commentary on the subject by John H. Wambough, Jr., titled, "Dan Rather’s Attack on President Bush’s Military Service Rested on Left-Wing Media’s Contrived Myths," for which the temporary news-database link is here and the permanent archival link is here.

            Also, with permission of a gifted editorial cartoonist, Mike DeAdder, PoliSat.Com displays what I think is probably the best editorial cartoon about the effect of "MemoGate" a.k.a. "RatherGate" on Dan Rather's career.  In giving permission, Mike certainly does not purport to endorse PoliSat.Com views or commentaries-- rather, he graciously accepted PoliSat.Com's request to display the cartoon to give it special recognition.  The cartoon appears below via the following direct link to his site:

To visit Mike DeAdder's site, click the image above or go to  People interested in acquiring prints of his cartoons may do so at his site.

            Here's a mega-animation (all silent*) titled " Rather Backward" that consolidates into a single retrospective animation all the recent animations by PoliSat.Com about Dan Rather.  It may take a while to watch, but it's worth it.  (*The "Rather Certain" animation with sound must remain separate.)  To view "Rather Backward," click the image to the right.

            Today, we're also reprising the video-clip of Dan Rather rehearsing for his resignation for his final appearance tonight as Anchor of the CBS News, which video clip (see below) PoliSat.Com's obtained through the clandestine work of its Washington Bureau Drawer Chief using PoliSat.Com's high-tech, remote-sensing equipment.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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