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Bill Clinton, now invested in pharmaceuticals, goes long on news of Proctor & Gamble seeking FDA approval for "arousal patch" for Desperate Housewives after clinical trials by Nicollette Sheridan.

            Proctor & Gamble is seeking FDA approval for marketing an "arousal" patch for Desperate Housewives.  Stock market insiders report that Bill Clinton, who has become an avid investor in pharmaceuticals such as Proctor & Gamble since leaving office, went long on hearing the news.  Disney stock skyrocketed when an initial news report indicated Proctor & Gamble was seeking "FCC" approval for clinical trials of "arousal patches" on Desperate Housewives despite earlier reports that they'd already thrown in the towel.

             Social activists predicted that successful marketing of the patches to "desperate housewives" would convert stormy marriages into "civil unions."  Other activists feared the availability of such patches would change happy housewives into depressed housewives.  Rosie O'Donnell decried the patches as yet another example of a male conspiracy using the male-dominated pharmaceuticals industry to fill the "arousal gap" in a futile attempt to revitalize heterosexual marriage through use of toxic hormones to give women an unnatural attraction to men.

            CNN's business/space guru, Lou Dobbs, expressed grave reservations that "desperate housewives" would buy the product but conceded there would be a potentially unlimited market if Proctor & Gamble could find an ethical way to market the patches to desperate husbands for clandestine affixation to their wives' backs when they go to sleep too early.  

            In contrast, Wall-Street guru, Lawrence Kudlow (co-host of CNBC's Kudlow & Cramer) enthusiastically predicted that mass-marketing of such patches would induce so much marital harmony that it would change blue states to red states.  Jim Cramer, the even more excitable co-host, predicted it would change red states to blue states because two-wage-earner couples who don't get home in time to watch the early news would no longer have time to watch the late news either.  Although Fox News' Neil Cavuto expressed concern that successful marketing of the patch to the real "desperate housewives" (as well as the really desperate housewives) might hurt the ratings of his business-news show by dramatically reducing the number of married men watching his show to be titillated by his regular showing of Victoria's Secrets vignettes in the guise of "fashion" news, he concluded that he could offset such loss by beginning to regularly feature Chippendale vignettes.  In fact, Cavuto, Kudlow and Cramer haven't seemed this excited since they joined forces as "Bear Busters" in July, 2003.      

            A scientific expert speaking for the pharmaceuticals industry explained how the skin-patch works:  It releases testosterone into the woman's system, but since normal women have extremely low levels of testosterone, it merely elevates their sex-drive even though such low-dosage level would be lethal for normal males because they naturally have far higher levels of testosterone.  Alarmed by this information, the National Organization of Women voted to urge all ardent feminists to avoid using the product on themselves for "medical and health reasons."  When asked to explain the basis for such recommendation, a spokes-being for NOW declined to be more specific.   As an example of issues making strange bedfellows, a spokesman for a men's-rights organization, who was equally alarmed but for different reasons, expressed the concern that abusive wives could kill their husbands by duping them into wearing the patches to "increase their virility" even more effectively than by using Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or girlie magazines or watching Monday Night Football.

            Undaunted by such adverse recommendations, Wall Street experts say these "arousal patches" for women, coupled with their counterparts for men (i.e., Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc.), will comprise a new, specialized stock-portfolio sector for the Twenty-First Century to be called "Ball & Bare" even though most jargon experts think "Bare & Ball" would be more appropriate. 

--Jim Wrenn, Science Editor at PoliSat.Com.


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