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Clinton Liebrary (... to be confused with the Clinton Library aka Clinton Presidential Center).


July 16, 2006--

Clinton Liebrary launches video instructing men on how to please women in gentlemanly, respectful ways, but Bill Clinton denies involvement in such endeavor.·

              Inspired by a poster that's become ubiquitous on the internet titled "How to Please a Woman, which instructs men on gentlemanly, respectful ways for a man to please a woman, the Clinton Liebrary has inaugurated a video version.  The video (also titled "How to Please a Woman") stresses the type of gentlemanly, noble behavior by men that is the sine qua non for pleasing women.  (The video-box at the left will play a medium-size version of the video for medium-high-speed connections, but additional versions for other sizes/connection-speeds are at the Clinton Liebrary.)

            Apparently caught unaware of the Clinton Liebrary's new program, Bill Clinton denied knowledge of the subject, and adamantly said, "I have not had any involvement in "How To Please A Woman."  Asked when he intended to view the video, Clinton said, "Right away... if it'll play on my laptop."  Then he asked, "Who's in it?" and "What's it rated?"

            According to Hillary's publicist, she hasn't seen it either and was likewise unaware of the plans to unveil it.   Her publicist did, however, quote Hillary as saying "From the information describing the video, It seems to be something that Bill probably needs to watch."  When asked whether she meant to imply that Bill had not always conformed his behavior to such "gentlemanly, respectful" standards as a husband, she declined to answer by saying "I'm not going there, now or ever."

            Elsewhere, a gaggle of reporters confronted the Liebrarian at the Clinton Liebrary as he left a plush Georgetown restaurant.  When asked whether the video wasn't just a "rip-off" of the poster, he said, "Well, the poster had embellished and adapted the suggestions in a greeting card, which had embellished and adapted previously-widely known suggestions by an unknown author, so if a video stressing gentlemanly, respectful ways for a man to please a woman is a "rip-off," then so be it."  Asked whether there will be a sequel for women on "How to Please a Man," the Liebrarian said, "People will just have to settle for this first video, for now."  

            Meanwhile, Sharon Stone seized upon these reports and questions on whether there's a need for a video on "How to Please a Man." Alluding to statements she made in April, 2006, that "Hillary is still 'too sexy' to run for President," Stone added that Hillary's strong aura of "sexuality" would make her a perfect candidate for a "Basic Instinct" video similar to the one released in April to coincide with the release of the sequel to the first "Basic Instinct" movie.


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