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Exclusive Photo Refutes Republican Lie that ObamaCare Failed to Include Mandate for Covering Pre-Existing Conditions.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
March 29, 2010--

            A photo obtained exclusively by our Washington Bureau Drawer Chief refutes the Republican lie that ObamaCare failed to include mandates requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions.  The photo shows three preeminent ObamaCare practitioners humanely applying therapeutic treatment to a patient suffering a severe syndrome that pre-dated enactment of ObamaCare. 

            The image shows a patient, Andre Preneurer, receiving state-of-the-art treatment for a rapidly spreading syndrome with which Preneurer became afflicted in the Spring of 2009, which is on the verge of becoming one of the most widespread "pre-existing conditions," but ObamaCare nevertheless provides treatment even though Preneurer was suffering this pre-existing condition long before enactment of ObamaCare.  Funding for such treatment will be provided by generous donations to be collected by the administrative arm of the new ObamaCare program, which is on the leading edge of the jobs-creating effects of ObamaCare.  

           Additional jobs-creating effects of ObamaCare are already being felt in the clothing industry.  Among attire predicted to become the hottest selling are t-shirts extolling the humane benefits of ObamaCare.   

            Noted Keynesian economist, Reid Istribushion, predicted that it won't be long before the need to satisfy the exponentially-increasing demands for a wide variety of products (such as mouse-pads, mugs, sweatshirts, bumper-stickers, fine china, silverware, coins, "health cards," which are similar to "baseball cards") praising ObamaCare will completely re-industrialize America and lead to the greatest economic recovery in American history.  

            Additionally, thousands of new jobs are opening in the field of videography to meet the rapidly expanding demand for videos providing instructions, illustrations, case-studies, scientific reports, clinical studies and anecdotal examples on what will be the exponential increase in availability of cutting-edge medical technology for everyone so that everyone will receive the "best medical care possible."  This is because under ObamaCare, new training for all physicians will elevate their expertise so that all of them are far above average in medical skills and judgment.   Few can forget that this type of astounding scientific possibility of defying the capitalistic limitations of the laws of statistics was first discovered by the late Senator Ted Kennedy, who touted one of his earliest examples of landmark legislation as providing for the first time the real opportunity to make such dramatic improvement in education that all children would be well above average.

            There is no doubt that in the waves of enthusiasm over enactment of ObamaCare following nearly a year of acrimonious debate, there will be countless more songs and videos extolling the virtues of ObamaCare.  And there is broad consensus that few other than the statistically insignificant percentage of the electorate that has succumbed to "tea-baggerism" will fail to proudly display the iconic image of ObamaCare.   Who could doubt that it will soon become far more ubiquitous than the universally-acclaimed iconic image of Che Gueverra?   Who can doubt that it will send a thrill up the spines of all Americans, not to mention thrills up the legs of our most prominent pundits?

            Soon, there will be hordes of tea-baggers, tea-partiers, 9-12ers, independents and many others gathering in Washington D.C. to demand prompt and appropriate action on ObamaCare to alleviate their pre-existing conditions, more commonly known as the "tea-bagging syndrome."

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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