Sept. 3, 2005--

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as "Ragin' Nagin" wins place in Smearers Hall of Fame by smearing George W. Bush with Nagin's own failure to use school-bus fleet to evacuate blacks and "the poor."

            By September 2, 2005, New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, realized that his dim-witted failure to order the city's fleet of school-buses to evacuate citizens lacking transportation or resources to comply with his pre-Hurricane-Katrina order for evacuation of the city and his equally dim-witted failure to order that the school-bus fleet be moved from their below-sea-level parking lot inside the city to a safe location outside the city had resulted in tens of thousands of poor residents to become trapped in the flooded city.  Being a politician blessed with incredible political agility and insight into the dominant media's reluctance to report news that might reflect unfavorably on him, he seized the initiative by holding a press conference in which he blamed the plight of those trapped in New Orleans on what he boldly characterized as George W. Bush's callous indifference to the plight of blacks and "the poor" in New Orleans.  

            For this stroke of political genius, he earned a place in the Smearers Hall of Fame as the recipient of the "Projection Award" for 2005.  Most astute political observers agree that few politicians could accomplish such incredibly facile political sleight-of-hand.  However, upon being notified of his being the recipient of the "Projection Award," Nagin-- not wanting to seem a braggart-- said he could have not done it by himself and then proceeded to thank those in the dominant media who thoughtfully and kindly avoided mentioning his failures to use, and preserve, the school-bus fleet.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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