Mar. 1, 2004 delayed posting from Feb. 28, 2005--

The Arab Street-- Predictions before toppling of Taliban and Hussein versus today after Afghani Blue Finger Revolution, Iraqi Purple Finger Revolution, Palestinian election and Lebanese Red, White and Green Revolution.

            The collapse of the Syrian-controlled puppet government of Lebanon today makes it a good day to remind ourselves of the dire predictions by critics of George W. Bush when he announced plans to topple the Taliban that doing so would ignite a "revolution against the West" in the "Arab Street."  Since then, we've witnessed the Blue Finger Revolution in Afghanistan, the Purple Finger Revolution in Iraq, the Palestinian elections and now the Lebonese Red, White and Green Revolution against Syria.  Added to the effects of the Rose Revolution in Georgia and the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, those of us who supported Bush can take a measure of satisfaction that history is evolving to validate Bush's assertion that the desire for freedom beats in all normal human hearts.

            How satisfying it is that Bush's strategic vision (in contrast to the linear tic-tac-toe tactics we applied before 9-11) shaping this trend of history in progress will ultimately produce results for which future generations will be grateful and for which the Not In Our Name crowd will have earned not credit but scorn and contempt.  How comforting it must be to families of troops killed or injured in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom that their sacrifices will ultimately be proven to deserve the honor and gratitude of generations as did those who died or sustained terrible injuries defeating the Nazis, Imperial Japan and the Italian Fascists in World War II.  Who could not equate today's troops with the Greatest Generation?  Who could not equate the historic power of their accomplishments with those of the Greatest Generation?  Only the myopic "Not in Our Name" crowd.

            Today is a good day to reflect on the sentiments expressed in the lyrics of "Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name."  Today is also a good day to appreciate the difference between a President following a strategic vision for posterity rather than tactical goals for a "legacy."  

            How paradoxical that the year* of the worst earthquake/ Tsunami in modern history is becoming the year of seismic political shifts in the balances of power away from tyranny and medievalism and toward human-rights-respecting democracy and modernity.

*I remember, of course, that the earthquake causing the Tsunami occurred on Dec. 25, 2004, but most of the "hard work" setting the stage for the seismic political events of 2005 had been performed in 2004.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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