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Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld assigns self to sign condolence letters and re-sign those undersigned by machine; Bush declines design to assign Rumsfeld to resign.

            Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a Pentagon assignation consigns himself to assign himself to sign condolence letters and re-sign letters previously undersigned by machine.  Despite criticism of Rumsfeld by some families of troops who died serving their country, President George W. Bush declines designs to assign Rumsfeld to resign.  Commentary on this issue warrants commentary on the commentary but requires that it be done in a way to express sincere appreciation for, rather than callous acceptance of, the supreme sacrifices made by Americans of the same caliber as the Brits of whom Churchill spoke when, at the end of the Battle of Britain, he said, "Never ... has so much been owed by so many to so few."

            To contend that Rumsfeld's having allowed a signing-machine to affix his signature to condolence letters evinces a "callous" attitude toward the memories and families of troops who made the ultimate sacrifice is to indulge in moral character assassination.   In the immediate aftermath of the 9-11 blast at the Pentagon, Rumsfeld placed his own safety in jeopardy by his actions to rescue and help others.  His instincts are no less noble than those of the best among his critics (e.g., Ret. Col. David Hackworth, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Chuck Hagel, Sen. Evan Bayh, etc.) and far more noble than the instincts of most of his critics (e.g., Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Michael Moore wing, fuselage, cockpit, landing gear, and tail assembly of the current, no-more-Scoop-Jacksons Democratic Party).  Rumsfeld's instinctive actions made it obvious that he possesses the kind of selfless courage that is simply incompatible with "callousness" towards others-- especially towards those serving their country.

Resigning Designing Re-Signing.

I'm Rumsfeld, whom critics accuse
of callous decisions to use
a signing machine
in lieu of pristine
displays of my p's and my q's.

My purpose was not to disdain
recipients' losses or pain
but rather to speed
the comfort they need
to cope with such losses and pain.

I hereby resign from designing
facsimile methods re:  signing
condolence expressions--
So motives aren't questioned,
those letters I'm promptly re-signing.

In Defense of Rumsfeld.

Since Don on Eleven of Nine
put safety of self on the line
to help other victims
in Pentagon schisms,
by "callous" he can't be defined.

Though some of his critics have shown
the courage he proved that he owns,
the others have not
got half that he's got--
It's they who have callousness shown.

            Anyone with common sense (and without a political motive) can easily understand there to be a mathematical point of diminishing returns beyond which it would be a sign of incompetence for a Secretary of Defense to personally sign all condolence letters-- i.e., the point beyond which the time devoted to such actions would jeopardize the availability of time to competently perform other duties in order to minimize the risks of further deaths.  Rumsfeld's professed intent that using signature-facsimile equipment would minimize another kind of pain-- i.e., delay-- is not a sign of callousness.  Not having suffered such a loss, I cannot, of course, guarantee that such a loss would not unleash emotions blinding me to this reality, but it would be my hope that it would not.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.

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