April 12, 2005--

Google Gorgle or Gargoyle-- Commentary about Google's decision to "partner" with Al Gore's "news" network to reach the 18-34-year-old audience with "Google Current."

            Recent news reports indicate Google has agreed to "partner" with Al Gore's "news" network with a "Google Current" feature targeted at an 18-to-34-year-old audience.  Given Google's decision to identify itself so closely with Gore, perhaps the logo for "Google Current" take into account the following observations:

Google Gorgle or Gargoyle.


For millions of users of Google
the term that they use is "to Google"
a phrase or a term
in order to learn
the facts through the search-engine Google.

However a recent report
that Google will "partner" with Gore
means those seeking truth
thereafter will choose
to "Google" much less than before.

Though Leftists with pleasure may chortle
when Google puts Gore in its portal,
the Center and Right
will likely take flight
when "Google" has morphed into "Gorgle."

Inclusion of Gore as the flavor
of Google means many who savored
its logo and name
will view it as stained
by Gorgle with sounds of "Betrayer."

For hearing the sound of this slogan
by video-audio program,
at PoliSat.Com
a sound-version's on
the index of video programs.


Perhaps Google should use the final segments of the video-with-sound version (above) for "station breaks."  Google has pioneered many innovative ideas and techniques.  I quickly became an ardent admirer of Google, but I'm disappointed at this proposal, which appears to constitute yet another vehicle (like MTV) to market Left Coast political ideas in the guise of entertainment and news.  Will Google exclude this April 12, 2005, installment of PoliSat.Com's commentary from its 30-days news database?  Go here (or enter "Google Gorgle or Gargoyle" in the exact-phrase box of the advance search for Google News) between April 12 and May 12, 2005, to find out.

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