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Panth-ee-oh-pee-uns or panth-ee-oh-pee-uns:  This is a term I coined to describe the activist philosophy of those exhibiting a worship of nature (pantheism) with the zealotry of utopians.  The current Pope of Pantheopianism is Al Gore, star of Da Gorgle Code and  Inventor of the GoreMobile, The Gorbels Cube, and the GAIA HAT.  To learn whom Pantheopians perceive as their spiritual ancestors, study the MDOPCIOTPPCBNAAPO Culture.  (For an early list of scientific "heresies" nailed to the door of the Church of Pantheopianism years ago, see "Global Warming or Scientific Flatulence?")


About Pantheopians and topics related to their beliefs:   

ABC News. 01. 02. ..


Comets--See "Asteroids/Comets"

Earth Day.01.02.03.

Fossil Fuels.01.02.  

Global-Warming--See "Greenhouse"   


Meteors--See "Asteroids/Comets"  








Aug. 31, 2005--

Images of desperation in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina-- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., blames Katrina on George Bush not advocating Kyoto Treaty; Kyoto Kennedy Kites Katrina.

click for full-size image

            Today, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a high-priest in the Church of GreenHouse Beliefs, revealed to a shocked and stunned world that he has scientific proof that George W. Bush and Haley Barbour caused Katrina and thereby caused the catastrophic damages and losses of lives in the Gulf Coast states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama an Florida.  "Needless to say," wrote RFK, Jr., "Katrina would have been a mere pussycat at worst if George W. Bush were to have just advocated that the United States Senate ratify the Kyoto Treaty without any changes unacceptable to the United Nations' experts, otherwise known as the UN-IPPC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)."  

            When asked about the report that meteorological scientists say the intensity or frequency of hurricanes cannot be attributed to "global warming," he said, "What do meteorological scientists know compared to the United Nations' Intergovernmental Experts?"  When questioned about the inconsistencies and contradictions in the "man is causing global warming" theory, RFK, Jr., vehemently denied that the weight of scientific evidence attributes the greatest source of warming in the atmosphere to Scientific Flatulence.  He also expressed warm support for the McCain/Liberman bill to codify the Kyoto Treaty as a part of United States environmental law.

            As a humanitarian gesture to the victims still trapped in flood-waters in the New Orleans area, RFK, Jr., immediately launched "Operation Kyoto Kites Katrina" providing boats to recover victims willing to repent for voting for Bush or to claim they voted for Kerry.  To support this humanitarian project, John Kerry himself donated 18 tractor-trailer loads of Heinz Ketchup to provide nourishment to the victims who repent or claim they voted for him.  These dramatic still-photograph images show the heroic nature of the humanitarian relief being offered by RFK to those desperate victims of flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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P.S. from Editor:  

By the way, use the logo and link for "Take Back the Memorial" (right) for information about how you can support the effort to "Take Back" the 9-11 Memorial from the politically-correct crowd now planning to overshadow the Memorial with a "museum" chronicling the sins of America as though they were relevant to the current war against the medieval, totalitarian, perverted version of Islam being peddled by al Qaeda et al.



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Aug. 31, 2005 #01 Daily Update at PoliSat.Com, where satire is always commentary, but commentary isn't always satire

Title:  Kyoto Kennedy Kites Katrina. 

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June 23, 2005--

Senate rejects McCain/Lieberman amendment to Energy Bill to codify Global Warming BSF; U.N. and European, bureaucracies (aka IPCC) apoplectic over Senate's refusal to pass gas limiting amendment.

            Yesterday, the Senate rejected an amendment to the Energy Bill proposed by John McCain and Joe Lieberman that would have, in essence, codified Scientific Flatulence-- better known outside the U.N., European and Third World bureaucracies (i.e., IPCC) as the "Global Warming" theory.   This proposed amendment is among a group of "Global Warming" bills introduced perennially by McCain and Lieberman, whose good intentions cannot remedy the bad science upon which such proposals are founded.

            Advocates of the theory that activities of mankind, rather than natural causes, are causing fluctuations in average annual temperatures over geologically-short time-spans contend their theory is sound, but the real sound being heard is the scientific flatulence upon which such theory is based.  That such theory is so obviously flawed in its premise is not new even though the media still has not caught on to (or has chosen to ignore) flaws exposed years ago.  Meanwhile, we waste billions on such Scientific Flatulence while spending mere millions to develop ways to defend against a far more deadly planetary catastrophe-- i.e., the next Tunguska-size impact.  

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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P.S. from Editor:  

By the way, use the logo and link for "Take Back the Memorial" (right) for information about how you can support the effort to "Take Back" the 9-11 Memorial from the politically-correct crowd now planning to overshadow the Memorial with a "museum" chronicling the sins of America as though they were relevant to the current war against the medieval, totalitarian, perverted version of Islam being peddled by al Qaeda et al.



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June 23, 2005 #01 Daily Update at PoliSat.Com, where satire is always commentary, but commentary isn't always satire

Title:  Global Warming BSF

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Mar. 18, 2004 :  Poli Sat.Com's Political Satire/ Commentary*   Daily Update # 01·· ™©·2004·(Home
*Where the satire is always commentary, but the commentary isn't always satire (but you'll know the difference)·
(Permanent, direct link to this Daily Update:  http://polisat.com/du2004/du0403-11--20.htm#20040318-01.)

(Google News index of recent Political Satire/Commentaries by PoliSat.Com:  Click this link.)
(Keep abreast of PoliSat.Com's Daily Political Satire/Commentary via Google's News Alert.)·

Today, Earth gets a cosmic shave from an asteroid bigger than twelve Greyhound Buses.·

    Today, an asteroid (named "2004FH") discovered only several days ago, with a diameter equal to one-third the length of a football field, passed Earth within 26,000 miles (i.e., a distance equal to one flight around the world).   Many people have frequent-flier mileage for longer trips.  It's one-third the size of what scientists believe to have been the size of the object that exploded over the Tunguska region of the Siberian wilderness in 1908 causing widespread devastation flattening uninhabited forest "for hundreds of miles in every direction."  Estimates of the force of the Tunguska explosion range from at least 60 times greater than the Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima to as much as ten megatons.  (The "twelve Greyhound buses" is my way of approximating the volume of a 100-foot diameter rock-- i.e.,  three buses side-by-side with three more side-by-side behind them with another bus on top of each of those six buses, making a total of twelve.) 

    As recently as 2001, statistical analysis indicated a probability of a Tunguska-size impact (i.e., a force somewhere between 60 Hiroshima bombs and ten megatons) every 100 years.  Later, in 2002, further statistical analysis of "eight years of data reveal[ing] 300 in-air explosions of space rocks ranging in size from large televisions to studio apartments" led to a downward revision of the statistical incidence of Tunguska-size impacts from once every hundred years to once every thousand years, but also found one-hundred years to be the likely interval between impacts one-tenth that size (i.e. as large as one megaton or, if one were to use the lower estimate for Tunguska, as "small" as merely six times the force of the Hiroshima bomb).

    Although today's "close call" is the closest ever documented for an object 100 feet in diameter or larger (i.e., approximately one-third the estimated size of the Tunguska object), in recent years there have been several other "close" (though "less" close) calls.  For examples:  

A.  On August 17/18, 2002, Asteroid 2002 NY40 (nearly a half-mile wide) as it missed Earth by a mere 326,000 miles.  It's nearly half-mile wide size (0.43 miles) made it observable with binoculars.  To view a video showing time-lapse passage of Asteroid 2002NY40 on August 17/18, 2002, go here

B.  In June, 2002, "An asteroid about the size of a football field made one of the closest known approaches to Earth [on] Friday, June 14, [2002] zooming by just 75,000 miles (119,229 kilometers) away, less than a third of the distance to the Moon.  The object was not detected until June 17, by astronomers working on the LINEAR search program, near Socorro, New Mexico.  The space rock, now named 2002 MN, was traveling at more than 23,000 mph (10 km/s) when it passed Earth." [Source];

C.  "[On January 7, 2002]... an asteroid the size of three football fields (300 meters wide) passed relatively close to Earth, just twice the distance to the Moon. The rock, named 2001 YB5, was first seen in December -- nowhere near enough time to mount a space mission to deflect it.... Had it been on a collision course, there is little that could have been done to prevent possibly millions of casualties when an area the size of Tasmania would have been devastated.... Tasmania is about the size of Ohio."  [Source][Source]

D.  "A similar asteroid flyby occurred [in] October, [2001] when a rock thought to be between 50 and 100 meters in diameter zoomed by Earth at a similar distance. The object, big enough to destroy a city, was first detected just two days prior."  [Source]

E. "[December 9, 1994, was] previously [i.e., before today, March 18, 2004] the closest approach recorded..., when an asteroid came within 64,200 miles of Earth."  [Source];

F.  "In 1972, a 1000-ton object skimmed tangentially through Earth's atmosphere over the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and then skipped back out into space, like a stone skipping off water. It was photographed by tourists and detected by Air Force satellites. Had it continued on into the atmosphere, it could have caused a Hiroshima-scale explosion over Canada, somewhat smaller than the Siberian blast." [Source]

Toward the support of what public policy should this information propel us?  First, we should radically expand funding for telescopic searches to identify asteroids and/or comets in orbits crossing Earth's orbit in order to identify risks of collisions as far in advance as possible, and second, we should radically expand the anti-missile research to also embrace capabilities to destroy, or alter the orbital paths of, such objects to prevent collision with Earth; Third, we should accord these two projects the same degree of urgency as we accorded the Manhattan Project.

The Cosmic Shave of 2004 may preview what's coming in T-Minus-Four

Since Twenty-0-Four-and-F-H.*            *[2004FH]
the asteroid passing today,
has mass that would yield
a megaton yield,
we're lucky 'twill be a close shave.

Since T-Minus-7-and-Counting 
statistical risks have been mounting,
although there has been
a factor of ten
reduction in magnitude counting.

In Two-Thousand-One my recital,
which "T-Minus-7" I titled,
the energy sum
was ten megatons
for strikes in a hundred-year-cycle.


Though stats in the latest recitals
increased to a thousand-year-cycle
when asteroids come
with ten megatons,
they don't negate hundred-year cycles.

Such changes in stats make it plain
that megaton dangers remain
'cause energy sums
of one megaton 
in hundred-year cycles remain.

Since now, it's Two-Thousand-and-Four
the countdown is T-Minus-4
'til danger is grave
that 'stead of a shave,
we're hit with a megaton force.

If that which today gives a "shave"
instead would smack Earth in the face,
our rockets today
could not knock away
the asteroid headed our way.

Since when, 'stead of whether, it happens
that somewhere on Earth will be flattened
is all that's in doubt,
the voters should shout: 
A project we need like "Manhattan."

Needless to say, expending resources to prevent such cataclysmic disaster would be far wiser than wasting billions on such tenuous theories of "global warming" and "ozone depletion" as man-made phenomena. --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.

Ή·Calculations for comparison with the Hiroshima bomb:
"To get the mass, we have to figure out the mass of a 30-meter wide rock. Rock has a density of about 3000 kg per cubic meter, so we need to calculate the volume of the rock and multiply times this density. Thus we have, m = (4/3) PI R3 (3000 kg/m3) = (4/3) PI (15 m)3 (3000) = 4.2 x 107 kg. Thus the total energy is, E=1/2 (4.2 x 107 kg) (1.5 x 104 m/s)2 = 4.8 x 1015 joules.  To be safe, let's imagine that half the kinetic energy is lost to noise, slowing, and fragmentation of the meteoroid before it explodes. That still leaves about 2 x 1015 joules for the Tunguska explosion, compared to about 3 x 1013 joules for the Hiroshima A-bomb.  Thus, our estimate is that the Tunguska had an explosive energy roughly on order of 60 A-bombs, or 500 KT of TNT. It was closer in effect to a very large H-bomb."  Source for this information:  http://www.psi.edu/projects/siberia/siberia.html

Nov. 20, 2003:  PoliSat .Com's Political Satire/ Commentary   Daily Update # 01·· ™©·2003 ·(posted Nov. 24)·
The Ozone Faux Zone... ·

In ozone, the seasonal hole
in 2003 was as bold
as 2000's summer.
Oh, my what a bummer!
So, what was enlarging the hole?

By ozone alarmists we're told
the sizes of seasonal holes
are linked to logistics
revealed by statistics
on gases men spread 'round the globe.

Though science shows greater infection
from Massive Coronal Ejections, 
the hottest of gases
emitted in masses
are Massive Goronal Ejections.

Regarding when gases were more,
the latest statistics report:  
Like 2000's Summer,
Oh-Three was a Summer,
with many more speeches by Gore.·
Inspired by news reports that in the last few years, the holes in the ozone, which alarmists claim to be caused by gases expelled into the atmosphere by men, were largest in the summers of 2000 and 2003. Could it be mere coincidence that tose time periods statistically correlate with increases
in the number of speeches by Gore?·--Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.
Direct link for this Update: ·
http://polisat.com/du2003/du031130.htm#20031120-01 · ™©2003 .
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Oct.31, 2003:  PoliSat .Com's Political Satire/ Commentary   Daily Update # 01·· ™©·2003 ··
A Halloween trick-or-treat "warning" from Goblins of Globalized "Warming." .. ·
this is the day, Halloween, 
by science the Goblins were seen
in yesterday's session
of Senate confections
of tricks, but no treats were received.

They wisely chose
not to enact 
for "Climate" a "Stewardship Act"--
A bill
1 with McCain's 
and Lieberman's names
for theories ignoring the

Their faces exclaimed, "Trick or Treat"
as Goblins of Warming Deceit
denying we're hot
from cycles of spots
on Sol
3 'stead of carbon we've freed. 

Since data on "warming" contrast
with theories their bill would enact,
political hacks
instead should enact
Science a "Stewardship Act." 

The facts
5 Warming Goblins ignored
more6 facts are now reinforced--
that spots on the sun,
not engines we run,
cause "warming" the Goblins abhor.
Inspired by yesterday's defeat of the McCain-Lieberman "Climate Stewardship Act," which would enshrine into law the Global Warming Theory masquerading as science to claim carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels is "warming" the planet.  The good news is that the Senate rejected the bill; the bad news is that the margin was so narrow.  

1.See the proposed Climate Stewardship Act of 2003 introduced in the Senate by McCain & Lieberman.

2.Go here for links to articles/commentaries on "Greenhouse" topics for more information on the Goblins of Global Warming aka the Priests of the Greenhouse Beliefs aka the Priests of Dismay, etc.

3.See the October 21, 2003, news bulletin from the American Institute of Physics.

4.See the October 8, 2003, article by S. Fred Singer, professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia and president of the Science & Environmental Policy Project.

5.See my June 19, 2001, article, "Global Warming or Scientific Flatulence?" the conclusions of which are demonstrably reinforced again in 2003 by continuing accumulation of scientific data (see, e.g., footnotes 3 & 4, supra) refuting the theory that burning fossil fuels "warms" the planet rather than merely feeding oxygen-producing plants, trees and organisms. 

6.See footnotes 3 & 4, supra; See also the October 28, 2003, on-line issue of USA Today for additional analyses regarding new data further invalidating the man-is-warming-the-Earth theory.  

--Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.·
Direct link for this Update: ·
http://polisat.com/du2003/du031031.htm#20031031-01 · ™©2003 .
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 Sept. 13, 2003:  PoliSat.Com's Political Satire/ Commentary  Daily Update # 01·· ™©·2003 ··

The Oracles of Ozone.·

The pantheopians
* in panic contend               [*pronounce panth-ee-oh-pee-uns]
our layer of ozone is nearing its end
as blanket for Earth
for cosmic ray dearth
'cause chloro-with-flouro-with-carbons will win.

In claiming the hole is the biggest one "ever"
implying the time it was bigger was "never,"
they blithely conceal
the science that's real: 
In years, just a score is too little for "ever."
Inspired by a September 12, 2003, news report illustrating the latest example of Pantheopian Panic.  Unlike the 400,000-year "records" of levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide obtained by drilling deep samples of polar ice (which, by the way, undermine, rather than support, the pantheopians' religious faith in their man-is-causing-global-warming theory), there is no comparable long-term record of seasonal fluctuations in the ozone blanket over the poles or elsewhere.  In geological or astronomical terms, to use the term "ever" in describing the most extreme sample of a set of measurements spanning mere decades is even more ludicrous than it is unscientific.  Indeed, the only kind of "science" of which such assertion could be deemed an example would be "political science," of which the man-is-depleting-the-ozone theory is a good example.  --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.·
Direct link for this Update: ·
http://polisat.com/du2003/du030930.htm#20030913-01 · ™©2003 .
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Aug. 21, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire/Commentary Daily Update #20020821-01.™©.2002.
It's T-minus-what and still counting 'til Earth gets an asteroid pounding.

    As 2002 NY40* flew by,                                              [*two-thousand-two N-Y forty]
    it served to remind us we ought to ask why
    Manhattan-type projects
    for weapons and rockets
    are not in the works for protecting our skies.
See the August 21, 2002, report by Space.Com, which includes a video showing time-lapse passage of Asteroid 2002 NY40 (nearly a half-mile wide) as it missed Earth by a mere 326,000 miles on August 17/18, 2002.  It's nearly half-mile wide size (0.43 miles) made it observable with binoculars.  See also PoliSat.Com's July 24, 2002 Update
** about the prediction for this event; however, within the last few years, there were several "close calls" with dangerously large asteroids not discovered until after they passed near Earth.  See also "T-7 and Counting" and "Modern Day Dinosaurs" .  --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com. **http://polisat.com/rhymes/r_pantheopians.htm#20020724-01.
Direct link for this Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020831.htm#20020821-01.™©.2002..
Aug. 4, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire/Commentary Daily Update #20020804-01.™©.2002.
An Indian expert presumes our bombing prevented monsoons..

    "Afghanistan bombing," an "expert" presumes,
    "changed India's weather by stopping monsoons,"
    like those who presumed
    the massive, dark plumes
    from wells in Kuwait would stop more than monsoons.

    Remember, the world didn't suffer the grief
    predicted by Priests of the Greenhouse Beliefs 
    when hundreds of wells
    kept burning like Hell
    'til long past the time when Saddam met defeat.
Inspired by an August 2, 2002, news report that a "scientist" for the Indian government claims American bombs in Afghanistan released "large volumes of greenhouse gases" and thereby prevented the "monsoon" season in "parts of India."  This reminds me of the dire predictions of world-wide weather and farming catastrophes predicted by the Priests of the Greenhouse Beliefs while the burning inferno of hundreds of Kuwaiti oil wells were belching almost incalculable amounts of "greenhouse" gases and carbon particulates into the atmosphere-- and, as we all now know, such dire predictions did not come true.  Could it be that the Indian scientist is trying to lay a foundation for India to seek "compensation" from America for alleged damage to its "monsoon" season?  --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com
Direct link for this Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020831.htm#20020804-01.™©.2002...
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July 24, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire/Commentary Daily Update #20020724-01.™©.2002.
A sight to be seen on August Eighteen..

    A space-rock will near the Moons orbit
    named Two-Thousand-Two, N-Y-Forty
    on August Eighteen--
    Thank goodness that means
    collision with Earth it's avoiding.
Inspired by a July 23, 2002, Space.Com News report that on August 18, 2002, an asteroid estimated to be more than twice the length of a football field will miss the Earth by a mere 375,000 miles.  This is just the most recent example of why we need to commit resources for a project on the scale of the  Manhattan-Project to detect these objects and develop ways to destroy or deflect those posing a risk of colliding with earth.  For my most-recent rant on this subject, click here. --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com
Direct link for this Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020731.htm#20020724-01.™©.2002..
July 7, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire/Commentary Daily Update #20020707-01.™©.2002.
Modern-day dinosaurs..

    The  Pantheopians* and Greenpeace      *[
panth-ee-oh-pee-uns (defined here)]
    want Man to commit to a decrease** 
    in people-come-first
    control of the Earth
    to save Mother Earth and her species.

    For all but a thousandth percent
    of all the extinction events
    for all nomenclatures
    't'was "kind" Mother Nature
    that caused such extinction events.

    If dinosaur species evolved
    with brains for a high-tech resolve
    to learn to control
    what Nature unfolds,
    by now they'd have gone to the stars.

    But trusting their fate to the Earth
    produced the great dinosaur dearth,
    which made the way clear
    for Man to appear
    to master, not worship, the Earth.

    But dinosaur-species descendants*** 
    want dinosaur-thinking ascendant.
    They'd worship the Earth
    'til Man becomes dearth
    with Nature, not Man, in ascendance.

        Inspired by the latest pantheopian propaganda in the form of a July 6, 2002, "report" in the London-based Guardian Unlimited Observer [see ** below] that "scientists" predict the activities of "modern man" will produce a global catastrophe "by 2050" unless, of course, "modern man" were to accede to the political agendas of Greenpeace, the WWF, Kyoto proponents, etc./ad-nauseam
     Such pantheistic groups are the modern-day intellectual descendants of dinosaurs--the last species to dominate the planet by remaining at the mercy of, rather than achieving control over, Mother Nature.  If dinosaurs were to have evolved better brains and developed a high-tech society determined to exploit Nature for their benefit rather than remaining at Nature's mercy, and if they were to have continued such high-tech advance over objections of philosophies exemplified by today's pantheopians, they could have timely perceived, and developed high-tech defenses against, the real threat to their existence:  Mother Nature-- i.e., asteroids and comets.
         While we waste countless billions on expensive, corrosive substitutes for Freon in mindless obedience to the bogus theory that such coolants, rather than Nature, significantly affect the ozone layer, and while we also waste additional, countless billions in the form of additional costs imposed by compliance with the bogus theory that human activities, rather than countless other variables, determine when, or whether, the global climate warms or cools, we're spending a paltry few million a year to identify and track asteroids and comets likely to impact Earth and thereby cause real catastrophes.  
        Although statistical analysis suggests that impacts of objects large enough to cause widespread extinction may be unlikely to occur more often than millions of years apart, recent analysis indicates that impacts of much smaller objects (i.e., those "only" large enough for the destructive force of their impacts to be measurable merely as multiples of nuclear explosions) may well occur as often as once every hundred years or so.   
        Since the 1908 multi-megaton impact in Siberia (which would have destroyed New York City had it occurred a mere twelve hours earlier), we've had several "close calls," the latest of which was a football-field-size asteroid that missed Earth by a mere 75,000 miles on June 14, 2002-- See my June 21, Daily Update about that event.   It's already almost a hundred years since the multi-megaton comet/asteroid impact in Siberia in 1908, so we may well have only a few decades (if that long) before the next multi-megaton impact.  Thus, the world needs a Manhattan-project level of commitment of money, resources and expertise to develop high-tech ways to detect such objects on collision courses with Earth and to destroy or deflect them-- See "T-Minus 7 and Counting." --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com..
**. See  http://www.observer.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,750783,00.html-- a  propagandistic July 6, 2002, "report" in the London-based Guardian Unlimited Observer  that "scientists" predict the activities of "modern man" will produce global catastrophe "by 2050" unless, of course, "modern man" were to accede to the political agendas of the World Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, and other, similar pantheopian ideologies.
***. Today's pantheopian activists (i.e., Greenpeace, WWF, Peta, ELF, ALF, the Sierra Club, Kyoto proponents, Priests of the Greenhouse Beliefs, etc., ad nauseam) are the intellectual descendants of the dinosaurs in that they prefer that "modern man" trust his fate to nature (as did the dinosaurs) rather than attempting to dominate, and overcome, nature, which is far more dangerous to mankind than vice versa.  All but the most insignificant percentage of extinctions were caused by Nature, and all dramatic changes in the Earth's climate have been caused by Nature.
Direct link for this Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020731.htm#20020707-01.™©.2002...
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June 21, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire/Commentary Daily Update #20020621-01.™©.2002.
T-Minus 7 and Counting ..

    To those who would find it astounding
    we just missed an asteroid pounding :  
    You really should read
    reports* we should heed
    and also read "T-Minus 7 and Counting."**   .

    The June-fourteenth object that nearly abused us
    was bigger than two-times the size of Tunguska's,***                [*** tung-goos-kuhs]
    which left in its wake
    in 1908
    a flat thousand-miles at Tunguska.
On June 17, 2002, we discovered an asteroid twice the size of the one that flattened nearly a thousand square miles in the Tunguska area of Siberia in 1908 missed Earth on June 14, 2002, by a mere 75,000 miles.  See also my January 10, 2002, Daily Update (here) regarding other, recent close-calls.  --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com
.* See .http://space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/asteroid_miss_020620.html.; See also .http://www.spacedaily.com/news/020620121339.dc05vk7l.html..
.** See .http://wrenncom.com/focus2001/0619-01.asp#T-7.
Direct link for this Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020630.htm#20020621-01.™©.2002...
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April 26, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire Daily Update #20020426-01.™©.2002-Jim.Wrenn--Editor@PoliSat.Com.
The media love the theology of Priests of the Doomsday Ecology..

    The media treated as "news"
    a press-release spouting the views
    of one of the priests
    of Greenhouse beliefs:  
    "Kyoto [must not be eschewed]."

    They claim that in Two-Thousand-Two
    a first-quarter warming accrued
    with weather more icky
    than since Eighteen-Sixty
    and even "perhaps" since a Thousand and Two.

    Their claims might be "science" indeed
    if artifact-proof they retrieved
    to show warming then
    was made to begin
    by thousand-year-old S-U-V's.
Direct link for this 04-26-02, Political-Satire Daily Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020430.htm#20020426-01.™©.2002.

Inspired by an April 26, 2002, "report"
1 in The Telegraph, which uncritically recites bald assertions by a proponent of the theory that human activity is "warming" the planet notwithstanding the absence of scientific evidence to prove such claim and notwithstanding ample scientific evidence to the contrary.   Here's the 04-26-02 Headline in The Telegraph (UK):  2002 'warmest for 1,000 years' By Charles Clover, Environment Editor (Filed: 26/04/2002)   Here's the lead sentence:  THE first three months of this year were the warmest globally since records began in 1860 and probably for 1,000 years, scientists said yesterday.  Here's the closing sentence:  "Mrs. Beckett said some of the predicted impacts were already irreversible, but others could be slowed by international action under the Kyoto climate treaty." Notwithstanding such pronouncement by Mrs. Becket, critical analysis of the "global warming" theory makes it reasonably apparent that rather than being a scientifically objective theory, it is more the product of political agendas of political organs promoting such theory and advocating such things as the "Kyoto Accords" as proper solutions.  For an analysis of the science alleged by those with political agendas as "proving" that a long-term global-warming is in progress and that human activity is causing, or substantially contributing to, it see  Global Warming or Scientific Flatulence, at http://wrenncom.com/focus2001/0619-01.asp.  For other examples of the scientifically naive media uncritically reporting as "science" the blind-faith beliefs of the Priests of Global Warming, see http://polisat.com/rhymes/r_pantheopians.htm..
1.  .http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/04/26/nhot26.xml&sSheet=/news/2002/04/26/ixhome.html..
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April 22, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire Daily Update #20020422-01.™©.2002-Jim.Wrenn--Editor@PoliSat.Com.
It's Earth Day today for Defenders of Faith...
in Greenhouse Believers, the Priests of Dismay.

    It's Earth Day today, so Defenders of Faith
    in Greenhouse Believers, the Priests of Dismay,
    will tout their reliance
    on junk-eco-science
    while Asteroid/Comets are headed our way.

    Although we don't claim to envision
    tomorrow's the day of collision,
    the risk is far greater
    that Earth will be cratered
    much sooner than harmed by the "greenhouse" emissions.

    But Priests of Dismay proclaim evidence
    we're threatened by warming and pestilence,
    but we know the source
    of hot air, of course
    is their intellectual flatulence.1                         1[http://wrenncom.com/focus2001/0619-01.asp].
Direct link for this 04-22-02, Political-Satire Daily Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020430.htm#20020422-01.™©.2002.

Inspired by today's predictable re-emergence of the Earth-Day Jihad by the Priests of Global Warming against Bush's stated intention to exceed their Holy of Holies, the Kyoto Accords.
2  To get a flavor of how much the driving force of the Global Warming Fervor stems from pantheopian3 theories rather than scientific evidence, see "Global Warming or Scientific Flatulence?"4.  See also our February 14, 2002, update5 January 10, 2002, update6 about the folly of wasting billions in coerced compliance with the global-warming articles of faith while virtually ignoring a recent close-call7 with a genuinely deadly threat8 to civilization itself.  
3[http://polisat.com/rhymes/r_pantheopians.htm#20000909-01]; [http://polisat.com/du2001/du010430.htm#20010423-01]
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March 22, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire Daily Update #20020322-01.™©.2002-Jim.Wrenn--Editor@PoliSat.Com.
Medieval-age warming, the "experts" believe...
was caused by the thousand-year-old S-U-V's.

    The fossils of rings in medieval-age trees
    show warming in decades, but wait 'til you see
    the proof it was Man
    who heated the land: 
    the fossils of thousand-year-old S-U-V's.
Direct link for this 03-22-02 Political-Satire Daily Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020331.htm#20020321-01.™©.2002.
Inspired by
a March 21, 2002, report1 that studies of tree-rings show what those of us who have refused to jump onto the "global warming" bandwagon have known all along-- i.e., that earth's meteorological history is replete with brief periods of cooling and warming (as well as protracted periods both trends) that occurred long before the evolution of high-tech society.  To better understand the serious risks posed by continuation of the worldwide, uncritical acceptance of the "global warming" theory of the Pantheopian movement, see our 01-10-02 Daily Update at http://polisat.com/du2002/du020131.htm#20020110-01..
1. See .http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020321/ap_on_sc/tree_rings_1..
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Blind-faith is the media's baggage... that climate by Man has been ravaged.
January 10, 2002--PoliSat.Com's Political Satire Daily Update 20020110-01 ™© 2002 Jim Wrenn, editor@polisat.com.]

    Blind-faith is the media's baggage
    that climate by Man has been ravaged--
    That's why they'll stay mum
    that Two-Thousand-One
    just slightly
... was warmer than average 

    Their new Pantheopian
* Priesthood               (
*Pronounced: panth-ee--oh--pee-un. Defined here.)
    views Earth 'stead of Man as Supreme-Good,
    so progress by Man
    exploiting the land
    is therefore presumed to be least-good.

    Imbued with the fervor of faith,
    the pantheist view they purvey
    professes that Man
    belongs to the Land
    instead of the opposite way.

    As homage to pantheist psalters,
    upon Pantheopian altars
    we sacrifice billions
    but only spend millions
    on risks of a far greater slaughter.

    What's meant by "a far greater slaughter"?
    Read-on, and you'll learn what you oughta:
    An asteroid show
    just three days ago
    for Earth was a really close-caller.

    This month, on the seventh we spied
    a mountain-size bullet go by.
    We lucky it missed us
    because if it hit us,
    a space big as France would have fried.

    That's why we should transfer the billions
    that fund Pantheopian missions
    to fund a crash project
    for lasers or rockets
    as ways to prevent our extinction.
Inspired by
report that 2001 was only "slightly warmer than average" [http://unisci.com/stories/20021/0109023.htm] yet the "global warming" clamor continues as a blind-faith tenet of the media and continues to motivate governments to waste billions to battle that illusory threat while spending mere millions in a patently insufficient effort to develop ways to detect and prevent a more likely and more catastrophic event--i.e., impact by an asteroid such as the one that just missed Earth only three days ago, which was large enough to have destroyed an area as large as France-- see AP/Yahoo report on January 8, 2002,  and CNN report on January 7, 2002.   See also PoliSat.Com's prescient update on April 23, 2001 [http://polisat.com/du2001/du010430.htm#20010423-01See also the Times of London report on September 9, 2000, about another close-call a mere 15 months ago as previously explained by PoliSat.Com on September 9, 2000 [.http://polisat.com/rhymes/r_pantheopians.htm#20000909-01]   See also "Global-Warming or Scientific Flatulence? T-Minus Seven Years and Counting" [http://wrenncom.com/focus2001/0619-01.asp] with particular focus on the real risks of catastrophe [http://wrenncom.com/focus2001/0619-01.asp#T-7] far greater than those theorized by the pantheopians.    Direct URL for this January 10, 2002, PoliSat.Com Political-Satire Daily Update by Jim Wrenn, Political-Satire Editor@PoliSat.Com:  http://polisat.com/du2002/du020131.htm#20020110-01.™©.2002

The greenhouse and ozone-hole blather
 distract from the science that matters.
(PoliSat Limerick 20010423-01)

    We know pantheopians** think
    we're pushing the Earth to the brink.
    Their faith is the fable
    that keeping it stable
    will save us from going extinct.

    But few of them seem to have learned
    what serious science discerns:  
    The greatest of dangers
    is from Mother Nature:  
    An asteroid striking the Earth.

    The most recent threat to our fate ... 
    occurred back in nineteen-oh-eight.
    A comet blew high
    in Siberian skies--
    a thousand-square miles laid to waste.

    A thousand Hiroshima bombs
    we'd need for a blast just as strong,
    and since we know more
    such things are in store,
    we must sound a world-wide alarm.

    Instead of expending more billions
    to please pantheopian minions,
    we need a crash project
    to find all those objects
    that threaten to cause our extinction.

    It must be priority first
    to find each that's headed for Earth
    to send out a rocket
    to blast it or sock it
    to keep it from striking the Earth.

    We must ignore junk-science chatter
    like greenhouse and ozone-hole blather,
    and make it our mission
    to stop such collision,
    or none of those theories will matter.
April 22, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
On this Sunday Morning it's fairness I'm mourning
'cause Tim Russert's brain has gone suddenly lame.
  (PoliSat Limerick)

    Tim Russert 'most always takes pride
    in showing the views of both sides
    to nurture his fame
    for his fair-minded brain,
    but today Russert's brain must have fried.

    It's not that he challenged decisions
    of E-P-A's boss, Christie Whitman--
    It's how he displayed
    in a one-sided way
    a belief in extreme Earth-Day-isms.

    He asked her about C-O-2
    as if there were only one view
    and seems not to know
    that it won't overflow
    because green things consume it as food.

    His questions conveyed a blind faith:  
    We're making a greenhouse our fate.
    He seems not to know
    that good science won't show
    global warming to be under way.

    They say that a few recent years
    were hottest in six hundred years
    but few take the task
    to simply just ask
    about all those long-ago years.

    Perhaps we should consider revising
    the hist'ry of humankind's rising:   
    Since Renaissance Man
    must have heated the land ...  
    he must have been S-U-V driving.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010422-01.  Inspired by Tim Russert's disappointing performance this morning on Meet The Press in questioning Christie Whitman on environmental issues.  Although he almost always tries to present both sides of an issue, his questioning of Whitman this morning exhibited fundamentalist fervor in uncritically articulating the
political-science claims of "global warming," etc. by the pantheopian movement and Kyoto zealots.

The cause of "green-house"?  It's Alpha Gore's mouth! (limerick 20001025-01)
    When Gore says there's now a green-house,
    of one thing there's simply no doubt: 
    We know the best source
    of warming, of course,
    is hot-air from Alpha Gore's mouth.
© 2000
--Inspired by the unrelenting assertion of bogus science repeated uncritically as an article of faith by the scientifically illiterate media, who routinely and uncritically report press-release "findings" by pantheopians as scientific fact rather than speculative opinions .

The Eco-Darth-Nader says Alpha's a Beta (limerick 20001024-01)
    It's strange that Ralph Nader has challenged
    The man who wrote Earth in the Balance 
    since both share the view
    that new C-0-2
    ain't eaten by plants on our planet.
© 2000
--Inspired by the inter-pantheopian rhetorical warfare between Gore and Nader .

Does Man play a role that widens the hole
in ozone above the south pole?
(a limerick 20000909-01)
    In space NASA's mission is science.
    On ozone, it's P-C compliance !
    It's blame for the hole
    above the South Pole
    is politics posing as science.
    It says that the south-polar hole
    is bigger than "ever" before,
    but there's no debating
    they mean since the eighties,
    and what went before is unknown !

    On Freon-use one thing is clear:  
    'twas in the north half of our sphere
    where most was released,
    so how it could feast
    on south-polar ozone ain't clear !
    And why should this make us so dreary?
    Because on this tenuous theory
    they've made us spend billions
    on costly refrigerants,
    and still the hole increases yearly.

    Too many don't know or don't care
    that C-F-C's weigh more than air
    and 'though in a lab,
    it's ozone they grab,
    they don't rise to Earth's upper air.
    And while countless billions we waste
    to fight bogus threats to our fate,
    we blithely ignore
    a risk that's in store
    that could end the whole human race.

    'Twas less than a cent'ry ago
    an asteroid dealt quite a blow.
    That cosmic rebuke
    like thousands of nukes
    laid waste to much land in one blow.
    We're lucky it hit in Siberia
    'cause if it was 12 hours earlier
    it had enough force
    to flatten New York
    and make it a desolate area.

    And now most astronomers know
    the risks of another big blow
    are not as remote
    as thought long ago,
    but yet our reaction is slow.
    Since ozone became folderol
    we've had several cosmic close-calls: 
    Two several years ago,
    one several weeks ago,
    that measured one-third mile across !

    We need a Manhattan-style project
    to make high-tech weapons and rockets
    to find and destroy
    the next asteroid
    or else we'll have no way to stop it.
© 2000  --Inspired by a 09-09-00 news report about a recent statement by NASA implying that recent increases in the size of the ozone-hole over the south pole is the result of man-made CFC's, which were most widely used in the northern hemisphere until the late-eighties/early-nineties.  However, with token deference to science, that same report casually mentions that "The monster hole may have been caused by a change in high-level air currents over Antarctica, which swirl around the Pole like a whirlpool, trapping air and allowing the hole to form."   In the meantime, while we waste billions on highly-expensive (and highly corrosive) replacements for Freon, we blithely ignore a very real risk of planetary catastrophe that cannot be prevented unless we allocate massive resources to develop reliable methods for early-detection of large objects headed toward earth and for reliable means to alter their paths and/or destroy them. 

Thomas Crapper's invention paves way for a 
new-century, renewable-energy source
A limerick inspired by a 05-29-00 BBC report about scientists' discovery of a way to convert human waste into fossil fuel:
    Thank goodness for high-tech improvements 
    to counter the Mother-Earth Movement
    So we can eschew 
    those S-U-V blues 
    and end pantheistic denouement.
    A quite-recent high-tech advance 
    will counter the Earth-Day demands ...
    That say it's our fate 
    to cut driving rates 
    by walking on feet and on hands.

    A fuel from human-waste boiling 
    will supersede gassing and oiling.
    A thing that might foil-it 
    or otherwise spoil-it:  
    the driver's seat must be a toilet.
    Of course this creates a behoovement 
    that car-comp'nies strive for improvement,
    But there is good news 
    'cause when this is used, 
    you get fifty-miles to the movement.
© 2000 (du20000530-01)

Pantheopians attack EssYuVeeans (limerick 20000512-01)
    To please all the pantheopians
    the Ford Motor Comp'ny sang paeans
    to say it ain't right 
    that SUV's height 
    hurts cars that are made for plebians.
    Of course those who buy SUV's 
    are looking for safety, you see,
    so they won't be crushed 
    by much bigger trucks 
    or those with those big 18 wheels.

    But if SUV's are made weaker 
    so risks to their riders are bleaker,
    then sales will go up 
    for for customized trucks 
    for those who still value their freedom.
    Then pantheopians will say 
    we now must find some other way,
    so they will opine 
    it should be a crime 
    to use trucks in non-business ways
© 2000  (See 05-12-00 FoxNews story about Ford's
mea culpa)
*Pan-thee-oh-pee'-uns:  This is a term I coined to describe the activist philosophy of those exhibiting a worship of nature (pantheism) with the zealotry of utopians.  Jim Wrenn, Political Satire Editor at PoliSat.Com.

ABC News-- 
Pioneers in Journalistic Expertise
. (limerick du20000405-01)
    The new name for ABC News:  
Advance Big Celebrities' Views.
    There was a time 
    when just news was fine, 
    but now it's just show-business views.
    In news there is too much reliance 
    on claims by politicized science.
    The news folks should know 
    that stars just don't know 
    good science from PC compliance.

    DiCaprio's sure to purvey 
    the pantheists' view of Earth Day--
    contending that Man 
    belongs to the land 
    instead of the opposite way 
© 2000
(Quoted by Brit Hume on Fox News Channel Special Report on 04-06-00 with permission)