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Al Gore aka  Alpha Gore
If you have no sense of humor, go to the Official page for Al Gore  Otherwise, engage sense of humor and proceed.

Al Gore speech exemplifying his impassioned commitment to "reason" in political discourse-- Go here.

George W. Bush exhibits commitment to help Al Gore stop Global Warming-- Go here.

Alpha Gore:
A man with Gorisma aka Al Gorezone aka Al Gozone aka AlGorithm*
*algorithm not algorhythm 'cause he ain't got no rhythm--Of course, he ain't got no understanding of algorithms either .

Keys to our Apha Gore Features:  . 
Gore IndexGore RhymesGore PalindromesMiscellaneous GoreCampaign Finance Gore.  
Editor's Note:  All features regarding Al Gore are under reconstruction, so please be patient.  Currently, topics in Rhymes about Gore are not specifically included in the Alpha Gore Index on this page; therefore, to explore the many rhymes about Gore, go to the Gore Rhymes feature and browse from top to bottom.

Alpha Gore Index: ( [] denotes an additional link)
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.Ball Saver.
.Beta Male.[].!!
.Bicycle Safety.
.Campaign Finance Reform.
.Gorbles Technique.
.Hate Crimes.
.HOBTUB stopper.
.Limericks about Gore.
.Miscellaneous Matters.
.Naomi Wolf-- see Wolf, Naomi
.Political Science.
.Preventing Lung Cancer.
.Quotations of the Day.
.Ranger Gore.
.Rhymes about Al Gore.!!
.Sleazy Rider.
.Tipper's Campaign For Decency.
.Waste-Water Management.!!
.Wolf, Naomi.[].!!

Charisma: Some have it, some don't
To depict Al Gore the same way they depict other historic human figures, wax museums have collaborated with the world's leading scientists using the latest DNA technology to create human-tissue figures for wax-museum depictions of  the real Al Gore.  For an in-depth explanation of Gore's extraordinary gift in lieu of charisma, click here . .Back to Alpha Gore Index.

Goreventions: (Gore's Inventions)  

Gorefomercials © 1999 (Infomercials for Goreventions)
    Schedules for late-night/early-morning broadcasts:

Gorisma © 1999
---So what if Al Gore doesn't "bury the needle" on the "charisma" meter? He buries the needle on the much-more-important Gorisma Meters © 1999  click here
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Gorisma Meters © 1999

Palindromes: (What's a palindrome?  Visit our  Palindrome Page.)
 Sept. 12, 2003:  PoliSat.Com's Political Satire/ Commentary  Daily Update # 01·· ™©·2003 ··

Dud: adieu Gore, rogue-- ID?  a dud..(a palindrome-- i.e. a Gorerog.*

Poll agog-- gag as adieu?  Democrats ask same hero, Gore; He masks a star come due-- ID as a gag-- Go gallop-- pull a gag; a gallop as a poll; a gag a Gallup.
*·"Gorerog" is the term I've coined for a palindrome about Al Gore.  Inspired by "news" report that a Zogby poll of "1000 likely voters nationwide" taken for DraftGore.Com from Sept. 5 through 9, 2003, showed a "dead heat" between Al Gore and George Bush.  DraftGore.Com should take a gallop, if not a Gallup.   --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.·
Direct link for this Update: ·
http://polisat.com/du2003/du030930.htm#20030912-01 · ™©2003 .
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Al Gore-- The Enema.
Eg !  All I, voter, got:  Enema from Al Gore-- zero glamor, fame, net ogre to village ! © 2000

Gore's fund-raisers to Gore:
Ye no money,  ye no hero, Gore!  Honey, ye no money!  © 1999


To B.O. re dirt-- said do-da, eh?  No supple hat!  Onset, insomnia! Gore! eeeee! Rogain mos' nites not a help.  Pus on head!  Odd-- I, astride robot. © 1999

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Canoeing: Giving waste-water management a new meaning:  click here.

Waste-Water Management
OSHA/EPA instructions:  In wasting water to float Gore in a canoe to illustrate commitment to not wasting natural resources, only waste enough to just barely float the canoe so that if the canoe were to overturn, the Secret Service wouldn't need scuba gear to rescue Gore.  .Back to Alpha Gore Index.


A 1996 Gorenymn-- (A Gorian adaptation of Clintonyms.)
What we
thought we heard Gore say in his 1996 Democratic Convention speech:  "After my sister's lung-cancer death, I opposed tobacco for our kids."   But, years after his sister's death, he gave pro-tobacco speeches at political rallies-- So, doesn't that show that he lied in his 1996 speech characterizing his sister's death as a cathartic event changing him from pro-tobacco to anti-tobacco?  Of course not!  We just misled ourselves in 1996 by not listening carefully to his 1996 speech.  What he really said in that speech was:  "After my sister's lung-cancer death, I, uh, posed tobacco for orchids." © 2000

Quotations of the Day

Al Gore on Choice
"I did not have opposing relations with that National Organization of Women." © 2000

Miscellaneous matters regarding Al Gore aka Alpha Gore.

Courage-- Alpha Gore???.
Put aside for a moment your opinion on whether McCain and Bush should have urged South Carolina to remove the Confederate Flag from atop the Capital of South Carolina and instead put it in its proper place in a museum; put aside the continuing silence by Democratic South Carolina Senator Ernest Hollings on the issue; put aside Gore's failure to demand that the current Democratic Governor simply move the flag from atop the Capital and put it in a museum.  Then focus on the statement by Al Gore in which he said the Republican candidates (i.e., McCain and Bush) "didn't have the courage" to urge South Carolina to remove the flag-- then ask yourself whether Al Gore is entitled to lecture John McCain on the subject of courage.  (By the way, I think McCain and Bush should have stated their opinion that the flag should be moved-- indeed, in an interview, George Bush said that if it were in his state, he would oppose flying the Confederate flag over the Texas state capital and McCain implied a similar position.)   (One more by the way:   I am a Southerner.  The flag belongs in a museum focusing on history, not atop a Capital.)  This "no courage" criticism of Bush and McCain by Gore is not just simply below the belt-- it's race-baiting.  
2000-02-25 Daily Update-02 © 2000

Hypocrisy on Parade
In the Gore/Bradley debate this evening (02-21-00), Bradley justifiably confronted Gore with votes he cast between 1979 and 1981 to preserve tax-exempt status for racially-discriminatory colleges.  Gore described those votes as "anti-quota" votes.  Bradley and Gore have castigated George Bush merely for speaking at Bob Jones University without overtly condemning racially and religiously bigoted views by that school's leaders.  But, in the Gore/Bradley debate in the Apollo Theatre tonight, did Bradley or Gore overtly condemn bigoted and inflammatory views expressed by, and actions taken by, Al Sharpton?  Can you say, "No"?  If you can bring yourself to say "No," you'd be right.   Do Bradley's and Gore's  failures to overtly condemn Sharpton's bigoted views and behavior while in a debate before an audience comprised of large numbers of his supporters, whose votes they want, mean that Bradley and Gore share or endorse Sharpton's bigoted views?  If you answer "No" to that question, what's your answer to the question of whether Bush's giving of a speech at Bob Jones University without overtly condemning its leaders crowd constituted an endorsement of that school's bigoted views?.   © 2000
2000-02-21 Daily Update-01  © 2000

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