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Clinton, Hillary-- See "Hillary"
Clinton Images .
Clinton Library.
Clinton Library Fundraising .
Clinton Liebrary .
Clinton Presidential Center.
Clinton Presidential Library.
Clinton Presidential Library at ParoDise.
Clinton Theatre .
Dead Brain:  British satire, parody, etc.
Jim Morris-- Impressionist***** .
LaughNet .
Morris Comedy (Jim Morris, Impressionist)***** .
   DaftFad   Ernie's Favorite Palindromes.  Fun With Words.  Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection.  MockOk.com.
   Palindromes Galore.  Real-Change Political Palindromes.  RedNunUnder
Zo's Palindromes.
ParoDise--Political Parody Site by Paul Silhan.-- A Plethora of Parodies.
Paul Shanklin.
PoliTickles.Com.  (Political Limericks & Rhymes).
Real Stupid News (suitably named).
Rick Horowitz at yesrick.com .

Rodham, Hillary-- See Hillary.

Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test.
Saturday Night Live Presents:  The Clinton Years****
Scott Witt. (satirical view of news)
Shanklin, Paul .
slick.com .
Smokers Cave (has great Clinton-face animation) .
SNL Presents:  The Clinton Years****  .

TV Books:  SNL Presents:  The Clinton Years**** .

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