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Semordnilap Palindromes

What's a palindrome? It's a phrase, sentence or series of phrases or sentences reading the same frontward or backward.  For more information, visit the Palindrome links on our Links Page.
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Special Palindromic Time/Date Tribute: 20:02 02-20-2002:        .
February 20, 2002--
PoliSat.Com's Political Satire Daily Update 20020220-01 ™© 2002 Jim Wrenn, editor@polisat.com.
It's Palindrome time:  Wow: 20:02-20-02 Wow! .

Here's a PoliSat.Com Palindrome to Palindromist Mark Saltveit for his expert explanation of palindromes this morning on CNN:

Wren:* Odd news-- 20:02-20-02, handed a job, Mark? Ay, vassal-- CNN Inn, Class Av. Yak-rambo! Jaded? Nah! 20:02-20-02's wend done! R.W.!**

*Palindromic license by dropping the second "n" in Wrenn.
**According to the dictionary, R.W. means "right worthy." 

Direct link for this Feb. 20, 2002, Political-Satire Daily Update:  http://polisat.com/du2002/du020228.htm#20020220-01.™©.2002.
Inspired by
the appearance this morning on CNN by Mark Saltveit, publisher of Palindromist Magazine [http://realchange.org/pal/] and Political Palindromes [http://www.realchange.org/pal/polpals.htm] explaining the rarity of today as a palindromic day and of the hour of 8:00 pm tonight expressed as military time as an hour making it a palindromic date and time:  20:02-20-02. (or 8:02pm Euro time/date 20:02:20.02.2002)  See also our Campaign 2002 Palindrome Page.  [http://PoliSat.Com/Campaign2002Palindromes.htm].
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Bauer, Gary:


Beatty, Warren:


Bin Laden, Osama:







Bradley, Bill:







Buchannan, Pat:

Bush, George W.:

Clinton, Bill:

Clinton, Hillary Rodham aka Just Hillary:

Dean, Howard

Fundraising by "Doctors for Dean" elicits palindromic response:  Draw oh
$, Howard.

A friend who's a Doctor named Paul
by brotherly Docs was appalled
by letters for Dean
requesting he glean
his assets to fund Howard's maul.

Since copies to me in reply
invited my help to advise
if more he should say,
I wrote this array
of all-palindromic
¹ replies:

1.    Re: Draft on patinaed Dean, I tap not, farder.

2.    Me? Views re draft on patinaed Dean? I tap not.  Farders? We I.V. 'em.

3.    Ahah! A tide you buoyed-- I recap: Snide ego patinaed Dean, it apogeed in space ride; you buoyed it -- a ha-ha!

4.    Hate, tirade, ego patinaed Dean, it apogeed-- a rite-- TAH²

5.    Dud='04'-4x4=88-4x4='72 as a redux. Exude recap: Snide ego patinaed Dean; it apogeed in space-- redux exuder as a '72+4x4='88+4x4='04=dud.

6.    Display kook's toots: Parse patinaed Dean-- it apes, raps, toots kooky Al's I.D.

7.    To be e-PAC serene I won't fard $ on patinaed Dean; I tap no $; draft no wiener; escape e-bot.

8.    Draw oh $, Howard.

I wrote this by invitation implied by receipt of copies of correspondence between a surgeon friend and "Doctors for Dean."  I agree Dean needs doctors, but not for fundraising.  Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.

·¹·Palindromic is the adjective case version of "palindrome," a series of words and/or numbers expressing the same thing whether read forward or backward.  For more PoliSat.Com palindromes and links to the works of much better palindromists than yours truly, go here.

·²·TAH is internet lingo for "take a hike."·


Giuliani, Rudy:


Gore, Al aka Gore, Alpha:

Imus Program:

Ingraham, Laura:

Keyes, Alan:

Matthews, Chris:

McCain, John:


McCaslin, John, "Inside the Beltway," Washington Times:

Morris, Edmund:


O'Brien, Conan:

O'Rourke, P. J.:

Russert, Tim:


Safire, William:


Starr, Ken:

Trump, Donald:

Ventura, Jesse the Body, the Mind, Foot-In-Mouth, Loose-Lips, Tongue-on-Fire:

Williams, Walter:

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