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Campaign 2002
A Palindromic Campaign for a Palendromic Year:  2002

Campaign 2002 Palindromes by www.PoliSat.Com ™© 2002
[Palindromes created by PoliSat.Com's Editor, Jim Wrenn, except as otherwise indicated.]

Partisan wonks parse dudes' rows: 2002's worse dudes' raps known as "I"-trap.

Parse dudes' rows: 2002's worse dudes rap.

2002 parse dud dudes' rap 2002.

Parse dud 2002 dudes' rap.

Know 'em? It's "Dude Rut-Run 2002"-- Nurture-duds-time, wonk.

Pay, pay, pay 'em.  It's "Dude-Rut-Run 2002"-- Nurture-duds-time--yap, yap, yap !

Special Palindromic Time/Date Tribute: 20:02 02-20-2002:        .
February 20, 2002--PoliSat.Com's Political Satire Daily Update 20020220-01 ™© 2002 Jim Wrenn, editor@polisat.com.
It's Palindrome time:  Wow: 20:02-20-02 Wow! .

Here's a PoliSat.Com Palindrome to Palindromist Mark Saltveit for his expert explanation of palindromes this morning on CNN:

Wren:* Odd news-- 20:02-20-02, handed a job, Mark? Ay, vassal-- CNN Inn, Class Av. Yak-rambo! Jaded? Nah! 20:02-20-02's wend done! R.W.!**

*Palindromic license by dropping the second "n" in Wrenn.
**According to the dictionary, R.W. means "right worthy." 

Direct link for this Feb. 20, 2002, Political-Satire Daily Update:  http://polisat.com/du2002/du020228.htm#20020220-01.™©.2002.
Inspired by
the appearance this morning on CNN by Mark Saltveit, publisher of Palindromist Magazine [http://realchange.org/pal/] and Political Palindromes [http://www.realchange.org/pal/polpals.htm] explaining the rarity of today as a palindromic day and of the hour of 8:00 pm tonight expressed as military time as an hour making it a palindromic date and time:  20:02-20-02. (or 8:02pm Euro time/date 20:02:20.02.2002)  See also our Campaign 2002 Palindrome Page.  [http://PoliSat.Com/Campaign2002Palindromes.htm].
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