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Hillary Rodham.
aka Hillary Clinton aka Hillary Rodham Clinton aka
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Palindromes about Hillary.  
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Miscellaneous Comments/Observations, etc..

"It's all the buzz in Albion: Hillary stiffs a single mom" Washington Times Headline 02-11-00. 
Sounds just like Bill, to me. (du 2000-02-11)

Sound Bites from Hillary's Senatorial-Candidacy Announcement (du 2000-02-06)
Shedding Light on the Issues
I did not throw lamps at that man ... Bill Clinton.
Policy on Smoking
I did not throw ashtrays at that man ... Bill Clinton
Policy on Sex Education
I did not give condoms to that man ... Bill Clinton
Policy on Sex
I did not have sex with that man ... Bill Clinton
Policy on Sectarianism
I do not favor sects, you all, re lay-shuns.
Policy on Mean-Spiritedness
Unlike the mean-spirited Rudi Giuliani, I treat everyone as kindly as I did Billy Dale.
Policy on Cookies
I made cookies for my website.
Policy on Women as Cattle-Futures Investors
I know how to turn a little cow into a lot of bull
Policy on the Homeless
For years, I've known first-hand the value of government shelters.
Policy on Guns
Since Bill was never in the military, he never learned that important, basic training lesson, "This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun," but the slogan is best understood when being illustrated by hand gestures.  But, it's my understanding that as Commander in Chief, he got those instructions in the Oval Office.
Policy on Gun Registration
I favor gun-registration-- If Bill's had been properly registered, Paula wouldn't have been able to identify it.
Advice for Feminists on Dealing with Male Predators in the Corporate World
As an advocate for feminists, I've decided to license and franchise the "Kit for Career Women" modeled on my own secrets of success in dealing with powerful men.
© 2000

Palindromes About Hillary: (What's a palindrome?)
Feelings toward Bubba:
Wonk rodham evolution:  No, I tu love mah dork now © 1999
Understanding Bubba:
Mah Dork knows MP as sub re venial lick:  Said "Ooh, lookie eeeooo! OK! Cute vagina, an' I gave tuck! Oooeee, I kool-hood!  I ask Cilla; I  never buss a pms wonk Rodham." © 1999.
About NY Senate Campaign:
No, I tan. I model it so her act never protests a law.    One vast lovers' tiff.    One more hero, my apple: Hillary.    Tramp? Martyr?    "All, I help! Pay more!" -- her omen.    Off its revolt, save now a last set or prevent care,    hostile domination. 
Editor's Note: This clever palindrome is from a great palindrome site:  .RedNunUnder.
About elephant-dung "art" exhibit:
Sex at tray?  Not tame!  Moc' lewd name!  Dig nudes?  Ayh!   Portapots?  Na from algae?  HR? Ra!  Idyll, a RODHAM:  "Ah, do rally diahrrea glamor fans.  Top a trophy as e-dung!  I demand welcome mat  to NY art taxes! © 1999.

Rhymes About Hillary
:   Go to PoliSat Rhymes about Hillary.

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