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Bill Bradley.
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Miscellaneous Comments/Observations, etc.

Hypocrisy on Parade
In the Gore/Bradley debate this evening (02-21-00), Bradley justifiably confronted Gore with votes he cast between 1979 and 1981 to preserve tax-exempt status for racially-discriminatory colleges.  Gore described those votes as "anti-quota" votes.  Bradley and Gore have castigated George Bush merely for speaking at Bob Jones University without overtly condemning racially and religiously bigoted views by that school's leaders.  But, in the Gore/Bradley debate in the Apollo Theatre tonight, did Bradley or Gore overtly condemn bigoted and inflammatory views expressed by, and actions taken by, Al Sharpton?  Can you say, "No"?  If you can bring yourself to say "No," you'd be right.   Do Bradley's and Gore's  failures to overtly condemn Sharpton's bigoted views and behavior while in a debate before an audience comprised of large numbers of his supporters, whose votes they want, mean that Bradley and Gore share or endorse Sharpton's bigoted views?  If you answer "No" to that question, what's your answer to the question of whether Bush's giving of a speech at Bob Jones University without overtly condemning its leaders crowd constituted an endorsement of that school's bigoted views?.   © 2000

Could Michael Jordan endorse Bradley under Campaign Finance "Reform"??
(du 2000-02-11)
I admire Bill Bradley.  I admire Michael Jordan, one of the few highly-paid athletes who seems to have remained a well-grounded person.  News reports indicating Jordan is doing a political commercial for Bradley after having already donated $1,000 to Bradley's campaign raise an interesting question:  Under Bradley's (and McCain's and Feingold's) campaign finance "reform" proposals, wouldn't Jordan's ad constitute an "in kind" contribution worth one hell of a lot more than $1,000.  Wouldn't the new "reform" prohibit such ad as the equivalent of a personal contribution exceeding the government-allowed level of political speech?  I think Jordan should be free to make the ad regardless of how much he were to have contributed to Bradley.  Hell, I think Jordan should have the freedom to publicly give all his money to Bradley's campaign if he were to choose to do so.  That's what freedom is all about, but the campaign finance "reform" proposals will increase the anti-free-speech and anti-freedom governmental limitations that already exist.    The only real effect of campaign finance "reforms" enacted since 1974 has been to gradually make ordinary people less and less willing to become involved in politics or make contributions.   Many of them are intimidated by the perception that they need the advice of a $500/hour lawyer to know whether they may legally do what they want to do.  This should not be the case in the land of the free and the home of the brave.   Jim Wrenn, Editor (Please excuse the absence of satire in these comments.)

A Note to Bill Bradley:  Sauce for the Goose ... Those who live in glass houses ... etc.
Bradley, you rightly criticized Bush for speaking at Bob Jones University in South Carolina on 02-03-00 without condemning it's prior, anti-interracial-marriage dogma.  (Never mind that the inter-ethnic marriage of Bush's brother, Jeb, to a hispanic woman surely demonstrates that the Bush family is not a bunch of bigots.)  Will you now criticize yourself for meeting with Al Sharpton without condemning his racially polarizing behavior?  Will you now criticize Hillary Clinton for meeting with Sharpton without condemning his racially polarizing behavior? © 2000

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Bradley to Nodders:
Now, I won ID:  Nets.  No, it is oppose-it lane.  Prefers red.  Do not yel' 'D.A.R., boo.' "  BRADLEY to nodders:  "Refer penalties !  Opposition's tendin' !  Ow!  I won !" © 1999. 
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