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Jesse-the-Mind-Left-the-Body Ventura.
(Official site for Governor VenturaSupporters' Page.)

.Jesse the BodyJesse the CandidJesse-the-OliverstonistaJesse the Barbie.
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Palindromes about Jesse Ventura (What's a palindrome?)
Jesse the Body, the Mind, Foot-In-Mouth, Loose-Lips, Tongue-on-Fire Ventura explaining comments about religion:
Amen-- I, still actin' as ape:  "Rev, ah, hell, I won on TKO!  'tis i, Rev., I, Jesse 'Jaw on Fire' Ventura:  A rut?  Never !  If now a 'Jesse jiver'-- is it ok?  No? Now I'll, eh, have rep as a nit !  Call it 'sinema'" !. © 1999.

Jesse the Body Ventura.
Living proof that the human body outlasts the human mind.

Jesse the Candid Ventura.
In yet another example of Jesse Ventura's brutal honesty, he explains that his description of organized religion as a "sham" for the "weak-minded" was not really intended to insult or denigrate religious people and that it's really "okay" to be "weak-minded."

Jesse the OliverStonista Ventura.
The military industrial complex's conspiratorial plan for assassinating John F. Kennedy to prevent him from withdrawing U.S. support for South Vietnam was so incredibly clever that the conspirators were able to trick Kennedy into emphatically stating (in a speech given two hours before his assassination) that the U.S. must not abandon South Vietnam.   Kennedy's decision to expand the Eisenhower Administration's support for South Vietnam was cleverly manipulated by the military industrial complex rather than being a manifestation of Kennedy's statement describing his policy for the U.S. to be that the U.S. would "pay any price, bear any burden and oppose any foe in the defense of liberty."

Jesse the "Barbie Action-Figure Bra" Ventura
To celebrate Jesse's wish (as conveyed in his interview by Playboy Magazine) that if he were to come back in another life, he'd want to be a 38-D-D bra, we've designed the "Jesse the 'Barbie Action-Figure Bra' Ventura.  Made of delicate lace with push-up cups with each one bearing the smiling face of the former Jesse "the Body" Ventura, this lace bra is permanently affixed to the buxom anatomy of the all-new "Barbie the 'Navy Seal' Action Figure."  The bra contains a miniature microphone and sensor so that whenever either hand of the "Ken the 'Navy Seal' Action Figure" comes into contact with either breast on the Barbie figure, a voice simulating that of Jesse "the Body" Ventura shouts, "Get away, boy!  I'm gonna body-slam you onto the mat; then I'm gonna hold your sissy body over my head and after spinning around 20 times, I'm gonna throw your sissy body into the stands."  Batteries sold separately.

Rhymes about Jesse-the-Mind-Left-theBody Ventura
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