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Laura Ingraham.
Laura's radio show The Laura Ingraham Show 7:00 to 10:00 pm Eastern on WestwoodOne.
    Streaming link for the show: http://www.davidzinkin.com/lauralinks.html.
    Call-in number:  800-743-4443.  Laura's website:  www.LauraIngraham.com.

PoliSat.Com's Limerick about Laura Ingraham:

M-S-N-B-C cancelled Watch-It, but maybe Ms. Ingraham can Fox-it.
    She once had a program called "Watch-It"
    on cable, but that network botched it
    now losing, you see.
    Be patient and maybe she'll Fox-it.

    She's often a guest on Don Imus
    with great imitations of whiners,
    but now Westwood One
    a smart thing has done
    It made her a talk-show prime-timer.

Sat.Com's Palindrome about Laura Ingraham
(What's a palindrome?)
Wonk lay!  Not now, Red!  Rot!  Ah, con L. Ingraham.  Ma ! Ha !    R.G.:  "Nil, no chat--  Order wonton-- Yal' know." © 1999.

Author of:
The Hillary Trap: 
Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places.