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PoliSat Rhymes about...
Dan Rather
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The wisdom of Dan Rather-Blather displayed on O'Reilly's "The Factor." 
((PoliSat Limerick-- May 18, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 PoliSat.Com.)

    We heard Rather-Blather proclaim
    on Fox that Juanita's rape-claim
    was not an event
    for news to present
    'cause "sex is a private [domain]."

    So, claims that a person was thanking
    officials with bribes through our banking
    should not make the news ... 
    'cause that would abuse
    his privacy rights in his banking.

    We all need to broaden our vision
    by studying Rather's  great wisdom.
    For brilliant examples
    you simply must sample
    our Dan Rather Archives Division.

2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010518-01.   Inspired by Dan Rather telling O'Reilly (on Fox News on May 15, 2001) that the reason he thought Juanita Broadderick's allegation that Clinton raped her did not warrant extensive news coverage is that "sex is a private matter."

How Rather speaks news with the Mad Hatter's views.  
(PoliSat Limerick--April 3, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 2001 PoliSat.Com)

    I'm CBS Anchor Dan Rather.
    When critics contend that I blather
    my left-center views
    and portray 'em as news,
    it's right-wing conspiracy chatter.

    To quote the quite famous Mad Hatter,
    "It's simply an 'unbirthday' matter,"
    for me to be speaking
    at Democrat meetings
    to fill-up their fundraising platters.

2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010403-01.  Inspired by a report in the Washington Post on 04-03-01 about Dan Rather serving as a fundraiser for the Democrats.

Dan Rather-Not ... suspect any Democrat (limerick 20000915-01)

    When someone sent Downey a tape
    of George Dubya's practice debate,
    we didn't hear Dan
    proclaim to the land
    that surely Al Gore is to blame.

2000 --Inspired by Dan Rather's stunning loss of insight into the world of political dirty tricks by failing to assert that Democrat dirty tricks must have been the method by which Gore's speech-coach (former Representative Tom Downey) inexplicably received a tape of Dubya's practice debate, even though as recently as on 08-18-00 Rather strongly implied that on the eve of Gore's acceptance speech, Republicans had "leaked" a story that federal judges had authorized a new grand-jury to investigate whether Clinton had lied under oath.  See PoliSat's 08-18-00 limerick about that story.

The Who? Me-dia? (a limerick 20000820-01)

    How many media mavens
    condemned their untrue speculation
    that Dubya's campaign
    had smeared Clinton's name?
    Say "None," and you've earned an ovation.

2000 --Inspired by absence of any serious self-criticism by news media sources who initially implied the Bush Campaign was the source of the leak about the new grand jury being impaneled to investigate Clinton's lies in the Paula Jones case.  See also our Daily Update for 08-18-00.

Dan Rather-Blather falsely smears Independent Counsel,
Republicans and the Bush Campaign.
(limerick 20000818-01)

    The CBS News and Dan Rather
    engaged in their typical blather
    and falsely portrayed
    the lawyer, Bob Ray,
    as leaker of grand-jury matters.

    Rather quite smugly proclaimed
    Republicans must be to blame
    for leaks of a probe
    of lies Clinton sowed
    denying the Paula-Jones claims.

    'Twas well-orchestrated said Dan
    by right-wing-conspiracy hands
    to taint Alpha Gore
    with scandal once more
    while speaking to all in the land.

    Before blaming Ray for this perfidy
    It's clear Rather owed him the courtesy
    to check with the court
    and learn that the source
    was Democrat Judge Richard Cudahy.

2000  --Inspired by 08-18-00 Associated Press report demonstrating the falsity of Dan Rather's un-sourced assertion on 08-17-00 blatantly implying that an August 17, 2000, report that the three-judge court supervising Independent Counsel Robert Ray had granted his request for a new grand jury to be impaneled to investigate lies told by Clinton in the Paula Jones case was a "carefully orchestrated, politically motivated leak ... [by Republicans to embarrass Gore just] ... hours before [he was] set to accept his party's nomination in the most important speech of his political life...."  We've preserved the text of Rather's false, un-sourced assertion in PoliSat's archives as an example of Rather-Blather followed by the text of the Associated Press story demonstrating its falsity.