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PoliSat Rhymes about...
aka Health Gestapo.
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What's a "Healthiopian"?  It's a term I coined to describe those who seek for themselves, and seek to use the power of government to impose on others, a utopian state of health and "well being."  Jim Wrenn, Political Satire Editor at PoliSat.Com.

Aug. 22, 2002 PoliSat.Com's Political-Satire/Commentary Daily Update #20020822-01.™©.2002.
A negligent mother or meddling Big Brother?

    Of course we oppose child endangerment
    but also Big-Brother Lone-Rangering
    for kids at the fair
    when sunburn's declared
    to constitute crim'nal endangerment.

    Who's next on the list of Big Brother?
    Nutrition-malpracticing mothers
    who dare to provide
    some burgers and fries
    and milk not from soy but from udders !
See an Aug. 20, 2002, Yahoo/AP report on the arrest of a mother on child-endangerment charges for letting her small children get severe sunburn during a day at the county fair in Jefferson County, Ohio. Unless this arrest were to have been a mere pretext to save children from a mother known by the deputy to have previously exposed her children to danger in a criminally negligent manner, it seems to me to have been an instance of Big Brother meddling.
    What's next?  Arresting moms feeding their kids burgers, fries and sodas at McDonalds?  In the wake of the fanatics' victories in The War Against Tobacco, the current expansion of their fanatically religious crusade to include Big Junk Food, Big Mayonnaise, Big Beef, Big Butter, Big Eggs, Big Fat, etc., should make us all wonder who knows who's next on their list.  
    What do I think about sunburn?  As I hurtle into geezerhood, I remember often receiving "second degree sunburn" (i.e., the kind causing peeling) during my childhood as a result of playing outside without a shirt on hot, sunny days, after which my skin got darker and protected me from sunburn for the rest of the summer.  So-what if some statistician claims it doubled or even tripled an extremely small risk of skin cancer as I hurtle into geezerhood?
    Becoming slaves to risk-assessment management of our lives by statisticians is the antithesis of freedom.  To paraphrase Patrick Henry, I'd rather die young from the consequences of exercising my freedom than to survive into slobbering senility (though some say I'm already there) by being forced to slavishly follow the lifestyles urged upon us by the Healthiopians. --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.
Direct link for this Update:   http://polisat.com/du2002/du020831.htm#20020822-01.™©.2002..

Health Gestapo & Heathiopians Wrong Again (a limerick) (du20000517-01)
    Most folks don't take time to ponder 
    in listening health-nut fear-mongers
    If things are so bad, 
    then how come we've had 
    our lifetimes get longer and longer?
    For more than two decades we're told 
    that Saccharin won't let us get old,
    but now they admit, 
    it hurts not a whit, 
    and never-mind things we were told.
© 2000  --See 05-17-00 story about saccharin.