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February 3, 2006--

Pre-Super-Bowl, pre-Lingerie-Bowl launch of "Vermont JackAss for Valentine's Day" video emerges as new competitor of "Vermont Teddy Bears for Valentine's Day."

    In a pre-Super-Bowl, pre-Lingerie-Bowl launch of the sound/video "Vermont JackAss for Valentine's Day," PoliSat.Com emerges as a satirical competitor of the now-annual "Vermont Teddy Bear for Valentine" commercial.  The 2006 "Vermont Teddy Bear" commercial for Valentine is similar to the 2005 version, a sound/video version of which has been preserved for posterity by the WayBack Machine (which preserves archives of the internet) at:




PoliSat.Com produced this satirical parody without permission or cooperation of Vermont Teddy Bear (the products of which this author has gladly used to send a Teddy Bear to successfully cheer-up a friend in ill-health) as well as without the permission or cooperation of the featured characters (George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and, of course, the real "star" of the video-- Howard Dean, the Vermont Jackass.)

    Will the "Vermont JackAss for Valentine's Day" sound/video prompt demands for a stuffed Vermont JackAss or the perennial Deaniac Donkey?  Will it prompt demands for a CD-quality versions of the sound/video on compact disks and/or DVDs?  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, enjoy the internet version.  Visitors not equipped with broadband may enjoy a lesser-quality but faster loading version by using the image-link to the right.

    This satire/parody video is being archived at www.PoliSat.Com/VermontJackass.htm.  In case you're also wondering whether PoliSat.Com will again satirize the "GoDaddy" SuperBowl ad this year as last year, you'll have to wait until after the Super Bowl, but in the interim, you can enjoy last year's parody of last-year's "Go-Daddy" SuperBowl Commercial by using the image-link to the right of this text.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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Feb. 3, 2006 #01 Daily Update at PoliSat.Com, where satire is always commentary, but commentary isn't always satire.™

Title:  Vermont Jackass for Valentine's Day. 

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