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Super-Star Super Bowl Ads for Hillary 2008.·

Scroll down to view displays/links for all ads.  For 2008 SuperBowl ads, go here.    For 2007 Super Bowl ads for Hillary 2008 scroll-down/click here and scroll-down/click here.



Sharon Stone Super Bowl Ad for Hillary-- 1-Good 2 Better.·


Feb. 4, 2007--

Another Steamy Sharon Stone Super Bowl Ad for Hillary -- "1 Good, 2 Better" for "The View"; Coup for Hillary-- Obama Not Seen in Any Super Bowl Commercial.·

This ad has been moved to the following permanent location (click the link or image below to go there):



Sharon Stone Basic Instinct Super Bowl Ad For Hillary.·


Jan. 30, 2007--

Super Bowl Halftime debut of Sharon Stone ad showing Hillary is equipped with the Basic Instinct to deal with 'bad, evil men" in the world.·

This ad has been moved to the following permanent location (click the link or image below to go there):   http://PoliSat.Com/Sharon_Stone_Basic_Instinct_Super_Bowl_Ad_For_Hillary.htm.