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Vatican-- Pope Benedict XVI Calls for Global Collectivism to Undo Pope John Paul II's Heretical Collaboration with Reagan to Undo Soviet Collectivism

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
October 25, 2011--

            Vatican-- Dateline October 24, 2011:  Pope Benedict XVI calls for global bank, global economic system and Global Collectivism with Redistribution of Wealth to eradicate the Idolatry of the Market and to undo Pope John Paul II's heretical collaboration with Ronald Reagan (a lowly, capitalistic Dutch-Reform Protestant, no less) in toppling the ideal of Soviet Collectivism by exalting Pope John Paul II's primary heresy that God endowed humans with unalienable "rights" rather than with Entitlement to the Property of Others.  Pope Benedict XVI further declared his unequivocal support for "Occupy Wall Street" and urged its participants to quickly Move-On to the "Occupy Others' Property" phase.  

            To enable ordinary mortals to better understand the profound insights just revealed by Pope Benedict XVI, one of his spokesmen in Washington D.C. provided an in-depth explanation to the leading proponent of Truth in the United States:  CNN.  

All people who truly seek to have Jesus in their hearts must not only watch this news-clip but must do so repeatedly until the thought process suggested in it becomes automatic and they find themselves perpetually searching for someone willing to purify them by taking their property from them.  We must eradicate the pernicious effects of Pope John Paul's attempt to worship the false religion that God endowed all humans with unalienable rights to enjoy the fruits of their own labor (a.k.a. "property").   We must also recognize the new Ultimate Mother Superior status of one of our leading theoreticians, Susan Sarandon, who only recently and quite presciently recognized Pope Benedict XVI's commitment to National Socialism (regarding which the Reich Wing media falsely reported that she called him a "Nazi").  She also clarified her statement by adding that she inadvertently said "National Socialism" when she meant to say "International Socialism."

            Sensing the universal popularity of whatever the Pope says among conservatives, Tea-Partiers and Republicans, President Obama quickly recalled one of the most memorable lines among the many sermons of Jeremiah Wright to which he listened intently for 20 years:  "Jeeeeeesssssuuuuus wants us all to be collectivists," and explained, "That's the reason for my Long March from capitAlism (via crony capitAlism) to CapitOlism."


Occupy Wall Street in Long March to CapitOlism from PoliticalXray a.k.a. PoliSat.Com on Vimeo.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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