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Obama Inspires Civilian National Security Force to Occupy Wall Street to Aid Long March from Crony CapitAlism to Obama CapitOlism.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
October 7, 2011--

            President Obama inspires his Civilian National Security Force to "Occupy Wall Street" to aid Obama in his strategic, Long March from Crony CapitAlism to Obama CapitOlism.  Even though Uncle Joe Stalin never led a "Long March" as did Chairman Mao, the multi-faceted Peoples Cube is currently offering cinematically ideological (Or is it ideologically cenematic?) inspiration for Michael Moore to produce a breathtakingly inspiring Docu-Drama histrionically announcing and chronicling Obama's Long March from Crony CapitAlism to CapitOlism

Indeed, SuperKommissar Maksim has already designed yet another example of brilliant agit-prop for these glorious "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations designed to realistically simulate massive popular support for Obama's Long March:

            Needless to say, others (albeit less talented) are creating CineMagic tributes to the glorious "Transformation of America" which these protests by ordinary members of the masses are hastening: 


Occupy-Wall-Street in the Long-March to CapitOlism

from PoliticalXray on Vimeo.


And, no doubt, there will be many desiring to purchase and wear t-shirts commemorating these glorious events.  However, loyal members of the Proletariat should be careful to avoid T-Shirts cleverly designed by reactionary, Tea-Party sympathizers to induce unwitting protestors into purchasing T-Shirts that might be easily misunderstood by graduates of our esteemed institutions of higher learning (who might easily be confused about the difference between CapitAlism and CapitOlism) as exhibiting satirical sarcasm towards, rather than support of, our Glorious Long March (such as the fiendishly insideous example shown immediately below):


            Thank goodness there are many good-will supporters of our courageous "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators who are providing them sustenance such as fresh coffee from the Coffee Party, which our brethren started more than two years ago to counter and eclipse the reactionary "Tea-Party" and to remind our protestors that their March Against Capitalism is also a March to Save GAIA from the ravages of the Earth-Destroying Capitalists:

Another great accomplishment for us is that our Croney Capitalism investment in Solyndra Green has depleted more than half a billion dollars of the income taxes paid by the Enemies of Earth Tea-Partiers: 


And let's not forget how effectively have been the cleverly designed administrative regulations imposed by our beloved Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy in restraining the barbaric, GAIA-raping instincts of Uncle Sam which the Tea-Partiers are attempting to revive:

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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