Sarah Palin from One Million Nanoseconds BC propels John McCain to the top by Five Hundred Trillion Nanoseconds AC

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
September 8, 2008--

            From One Million Nanoseconds BCşı (Before Change) to Five Hundred Trillion Nanoseconds ACş² (After Change), Sarah Palin took John McCain from seven points down to ten points up.  How did this happen?  

            One theory is the "Obiden" theory.  Barack Obama, touting "change," nominated Joe Biden, a political dinosaur, whose performance as "Obiden" morphed from into "a reptile dysfunction."  To counter Obiden's morphing into a reptile dysfunction, McCain chose to invigorate his ticket with political viagra in the form of "experienced change" known as Frontier Woman Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  (Permanent link here)

            This has caused quite a shock to the evangelical clergy in the Church of Obamessianity, who had heretofore spoken openly in the language of Hope and Change known as the Obamessiah Code.  It has also caused great consternation in other progressive movements such as PeTA, the Coalition to Save the Caribou, Code Pink, DISARM (Destroy Insidious Second-Amendment-Rights Mongers), MOOSE (Movement Opposing Oil Savaging Earth), PACTRAG (Progressives Against Clingers To Religion And Guns), POLAR BEARS (Progressive Organs Limiting Alaskan Reserves By Eschewing A Ready Source), ANSWER, BowelsMoveOn.Org, and AGAPE (Al Gore Alliance Protecting Earth) and many other progressive organizations supporting Obama.  Indeed, another "progressive" environmental-activism group, "WE," claims that Palin's environmental activities have actually "contributed to Global Warming."  (Permanent link here)


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            In contrast, it has sent shockwaves of enthusiasm throughout middle America.  Suddenly, the American political landscape became filled with heretofore closeted Frontier Women.  The style of eyeglasses worn by Sarah Palin are now sold-out and on back-order throughout the country.  Women are now either cooking moose meat or ordering their stay-at-home husbands to have it ready for dinner.  Little girls are demanding gun-toting "Sarah Dolls" over "Hillary Dolls," and even little boys are asking for action figures modeled on Palin to go with their "G.I. Joe" action figures.  


şı One Million Nanoseconds BC is one-thousandth of a second BC (Before Change).


ş² Five Hundred Trillion Nanoseconds = nearly six days.  (One Billion Nanoseconds =1 second; One Trillion Nanoseconds = 1,000 seconds; 500 Trillion Nanoseconds = 500,000 seconds = nearly 6 days.)   

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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