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Hillary 2008 Super-Bowl Ad rebuts Barack Obama and John Edwards with political sex-appeal outdoing Janet Jackson in her "Naked-Silhouette Spinning-Hillary" Half-Time Show narrated by Bill Clinton

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
January 23, 2008--

.            Entering the annual Super-Bowl ads competition, the Hillary 2008 Super-Bowl ad not only rebuts criticisms of Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama and John Edwards but also out-does Janet Jackson by exposing Hillary's political sex-appeal with her "Naked-Silhouette Spinning-Hillary" half-time show doubling as an ad in her Campaign 2008.  Many observers say this 2008 Super-Bowl ad out-does and out-classes both of her 2007 Super Bowl ads (as an early start for her Campaign 2008) -- one of which compared Hillary's "cleavage" with Sharon Stone's cleavage, and the other of which compared Hillary's flash of "Basic Political Instinct" with Sharon Stones famous flash of "Basic Instinct.  (Those ads are preserved here in PoliSat.Com's permanent archives.)   Many observers now claim the half-time Super Bowl ads have become "bigger" than the game itself.   Indeed, some sports purists fear this excessive "commercialization" of the professional football's "Super Bowl" may lead to a return  of baseball to its former status as America's "National Pastime."   Many politicians feel, however, that in the wake of "McCain/Feingold's" severe restrictions on "political advertising," it's become a matter of "civic responsibility" for candidates to place provocative ads in the Super Bowl of advertising.

            Some critics who've seen the video say it's "too riské," but Hillary's defenders quote Sharon Stone, who said those kinds of comments come only from "men" who are "too intimidated" by Hillary's "intense sexuality."   Other critics say it's "not riské enough" because the "silhouetted" image of Hillary performing her "Spinning Hillary" dance unfairly draws attention to the reason for which she always wears pants-suits rather than skirts.  Defending his wife against such criticism, Bill Clinton said such claim was a "fairy tale" because "Hillary always preferred to wear the pants."

            According to the producer/director for the Hillary 2008 Super Bowl Ad, the inspiration came from insights at one of the most progressive websites/blogs on the internet known as "The Peoples Cube."  In fact, Hillary was so impressed with The Peoples Cube that she added an amendment to the current "economic stimulus package" requiring that free "Peoples Cubes" be given to all Americans who have ever suffered failure so they can attain the "American Dream" of succeeding.  

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            Not to be out-done, John Edwards said he would end the scourge of a "two cubes" America by not only furnishing a "Peoples Cube" to everyone below the $120,000/year poverty line but also confiscating the somewhat more challenging "Rubic's Cubes" from "the rich," who, by having accidentally solved it, became even wealthier than those who "save 15% with GEICO."  Said Edwards, "No longer will there be 'Two Americas' -- One in which "the rich" who have the unjustifiable luxury of manipulating the Rubic's Cube until they stumble upon undeserved success and the other in which "the poor" lack such luxury and thereby "become doomed to failure."  

            In contrast, Barack Obama said, "I don't mean to be unkind, but Hillary's no 'Obama Girl.'"   Quickly coming to the defense of Hillary, Ted Kennedy, whose hearing is not what was before he sustained permanent hearing loss from "swimmer's ear," said, "Hillary's certainly not perfect, but it's irresponsible for Barack to compare Hillary to 'Usama Girl.'"   Obama quickly retorted, "Ted, someone in Hillary's campaign must have fed you the wrong information-- I compared her to "Obama" Girl, and furthermore, I don't "knock" Hillary except in response to her "knocking" me first.       

            Disputing those theories by the top Democratic contenders for the 2008 nomination, the Republican contenders unanimously agreed that rather than needlessly burdening Americans with "The Peoples Cube," Congress should establish special export-credit incentives to aid its inventor in exporting it to other countries, which would not only improve our trade balance but would stifle economic growth in our competing countries.  Noting that the Canadian dollar has already "surged" to much against the dollar, they all agreed that its inventor should receive a special "Outstanding American" award for having already exported The Peoples Cube to Canada.  Indeed, progressive Canadians are already urging their countryment complaining about Canada's "Universal Health Care" system to recognize how many ailments can be cured with the therapeutic effect of The Peoples Cube.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.

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