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PoliSat Rhymes about...
Joe Lieberman
A Connecticut Yankee in King Alpha's Court.   .
Lieberman's Rhyming Slogan for Campaign 2000 as Gore's VP running mate: .
    Although the word lie's in my name, 
    it's never been part of my game.
    Like Biblical Ruth,
    I'm known for the truth,
    and I'll pretend Alpha's the same.
    This chance is as good as it gets,
    However, I'm hedging my bets.
    I'll still run for Senate, 
    which Al Gore invented,
    (or was it just internet sex?)

    My gosh, did I slip and say "sex"?
    It's just a mistake I'll correct:
    sometimes I still
    confuse him with Bill-- 
    inventor of intern et sex.
© 2000.

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Fiddler on the roof now fiddles new tunes (limerick 20000920-01)
    Joe Lieberman, teller of truth
    tried fiddling on top of the roof,
    but then to raise funds
    from Hollywood chums,
    he learned how to fiddle new tunes.
    To not ruffle Hollywood feathers
    has quickly become his new druthers.
    When he tolerates
    their mocking of faith,
    he's slipping from roof-top to gutter.

    We don't want a gov'ment of preachers,
    but don't mind morality teachers--
    as long as they don't
    claim words of their own
    to be words of God as do preachers.
    'Though Dubya described his conversion,
    to that we should have no aversion,
    'cause he doesn't claim
    to speak in God's name
    or disrespect other folks' versions.

© 2000 
--Inspired by news report that Lieberman's disappointingly out-of-character failure to criticize the mocking of Bush's Christian beliefs at a Hollywood fundraiser attended by Lieberman.  

Fiddler on the Roof (limerick 20000828-01)
    Joe Lieberman, known for the truth,
    became second-fiddle for soothe.
    So, what is his chore
    in running with Gore?
    To fiddle on top of the roof !
© 2000

We beg you Joe, please say it ain't so. (limerick 20000816-01)
    Joe Lieberman has a good heart.
    Civility's what he imparts.
    He tries to be deft
    in leaning more left
    than how he had stood at the start.
    Of course we know VeePees must lean
    t'wards those who control the machines,
    but we say to Joe
    please say it ain't so
    you'll parrot the class-warfare theme.
© 2000 (Inspired by listening to Lieberman's acceptance speech on 08-16-00)

Senator Lieberman/Political "veetamin" (limerick 20000807-01)
    Today's pick by Gore is Joe Lieberman,
    'cause Gore needs integrity "veetamins."
    He's somewhat a lefty
    but otherwise hefty,
    and honor's a hallmark of Lieberman.
    Although this selection by Gore
    brings quite good man to the fore.
    If we wrote the plot,
    we'd put at the top
    Joe Lieberman rather than Gore.

© 2000