Peace Month.
Celebrate January, 2002, as the First Annual PEACE Month Anniversary Celebration
In 2002 we've achieved the First Annivers'ry of "PEACE".

    Divining a name for the Post-Clinton Era, 
    we've coined the right name and it couldn't be fairer: 
    Disguised as P-C,
    the acronym "PEACE"
    means "
Public Elation Après Clinton Error."
January 8, 2002--PoliSat.Com's Political Satire Daily Update 20020108-01 ™© 2002 Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.
Inspired by recognition that the month of January, 2002, should be celebrated as
PEACE Month-- i.e., the First Annual Celebration of "Public Elation Après Clinton Era Error" at   Direct URL for this particular PoliSat.Com Political-Satire Daily Update by Jim Wrenn, Political-Satire Editor@PoliSat.Com:™©.2002

"P-C" or "pee-cee" means "politically correct."